A piece of forgotten country music history has been discovered.

A piece of forgotten country music history has been discovered.

Necia Ethridge is well-versed in the concept of loss, as her father was Chris Ethridge, a bass guitarist and founding member of The Flying Burrito Brothers in the late 1960s. The band was a pioneer in blending rock and Southern soul with country music. Chris also toured with famous musicians such as Linda Ronstadt and Willie Nelson.

11 years ago, Chris Ethridge passed away due to cancer. Necia explained that she did not have any physical items that belonged to her father’s accomplished career. She shared, “The majority of my knowledge about his life during that period comes from his personal anecdotes, pictures, and incredible footage that has surfaced over time.” She also revealed, “Dealing with a great deal of grief and the absence of my father, there was a period where I was feeling quite low.”

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Discovered: The missing “Nudie suit” belonging to a country musician. by
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The true start of this tale can be observed on the initial album cover of the band, titled “The Gilded Palace of Sin,” which was released in 1969’s winter season. To acquire the suits adorned with rhinestones and created by renowned designer Nudie Cohn from Nashville, the band utilized a portion of the album’s advance payment.


In 1969, The Flying Burrito Brothers, a country rock band, released their debut album “The Gilded Palace of Sin.” The members donned suits created by Nudie Cohn.

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However, that sparkly suit would not last long for Ethridge. In 1969, it was taken from Phil Kaufman’s car, who was the Burritos’ road manager at the time.



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