André 3000's latest instrumental album signifies a shift away from OutKast's rap origins: "Life evolves, life progresses."

André 3000’s latest instrumental album signifies a shift away from OutKast’s rap origins: “Life evolves, life progresses.”

André Benjamin, better known as André 3000

He stated that he perceives a “totally distinct individual” when reflecting on his early professional journey, during which he gained popularity in the 1990s as one half of the top-selling hip-hop duo.OutKast.

During an interview with CBS News, he mentioned, “I feel 48 now. As you age, you develop a protective layer that helps things roll off or you handle them better because you have a better understanding of life’s ups and downs.”

The rollercoaster ride has involved a transition from a love for hip-hop to a newfound passion for playing the flute.

He explained that he no longer spends his days attempting to rap like he did when he was younger. “I really miss those days, but life changes and moves forward,” he added.

André 3000 now has a collection of some 30 woodwinds. And at record producer Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, he recorded his new instrumental album, “New Blue Sun,” which was released in November. 

The record represents a departure from his origins in rap music, as seen in the amusingly named opening track, “I Promise, I Truly Intended To Create a ‘Rap’ Record But Circumstances Led Me Down This Path.”

André 3000 expressed empathy for fans who may be disappointed after nearly two decades of anticipation for a new album. The release may deviate from their expectations or what they are accustomed to.

“When questioned about a rap album, the speaker expressed enthusiasm, saying, ‘I would be thrilled to have a rap album, I’m on board with you.’ However, he clarified that he wants to only be involved when he is truly invested in it.”

He stated that he does not understand why he is not included, despite constantly jotting down ideas and lyrics.

He mentioned that he may not have come across a music that is motivating enough for him to write raps. He also suggested that he might need to explore new techniques for rapping.

“I may have depleted a resource,” he added. “At times, it’s necessary to experiment with something different.”

the increase in popularity, a lot of the fans were expecting a more traditional approach

The fans were taken aback by the change. As the fanbase grew, many were anticipating a more conventional approach.OutKast

André 3000 played a significant role in establishing the southern hip-hop genre, leading his group to become the most successful crossover rap group ever. In September, their album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” became the top-selling hip-hop album in history.

Despite reaching its 50-year milestone, André 3000 declined all offers to commemorate the anniversary of hip-hop.

“I am only doing this because I feel pressured to meet certain expectations,” he stated. “Joining OutKast was not my intention for this reason.”

“We were young, experimenting to see how much we could push ourselves,” he stated.

André’s love for the flute is clear. He struggles to be without it.

“I have become accustomed to it, almost as if it is second nature. Therefore, when I am without it, I find myself searching for something to occupy my hands. I often end up putting them in my pockets out of habit,” he explained.

He mentioned that the instrument’s “humanness” and its ability to be easily carried and produce instant sound were what drew him to it, despite not being formally trained as a musician.

He stated, “I am not aware of the exact notes I am playing. Therefore, every action is a new experience for me, which may seem strange, but it is an exhilarating feeling because when you discover something, it feels like a well-deserved achievement for your efforts.”

Transitioning from a rap star to a passionate flute player signifies more than just a shift in musical genre. It symbolizes the significance of pursuing activities that bring him joy.

He stated that individuals are evaluating you, as they should. The audience holds significance, however, catering to them is not significant.

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