Artificially intelligent advertisements utilizing Taylor Swift's image deceive followers with a fraudulent Le Creuset prize offering.

Artificially intelligent advertisements utilizing Taylor Swift’s image deceive followers with a fraudulent Le Creuset prize offering.

According to the New York Times, some fans have been deceived into purchasing a scam after watching AI-created videos that use Taylor Swift’s image to promote a fake Le Creuset cookware giveaway.

Although Swift may have a personal preference for Le Creuset cookware, she is not officially affiliated with the company for marketing purposes. However, numerous advertisements on Facebook and other social media sites may lead you to believe otherwise.

The person featured in the fake promotional video is not Taylor Swift or a real individual. Instead, sophisticated technology was utilized to mimic the singer’s voice and likeness, resulting in a realistic replication referred to as a “deepfake.” Scammers use machine learning software to produce this kind of artificial content, using genuine video and audio recordings of public figures that are readily available on the internet.


The deepfake of Taylor Swift shown above makes it difficult to differentiate between real and fake content.


“I, Taylor Swift, am addressing you all. Unfortunately, due to a mishap in packaging, we are unable to sell 3,000 Le Creuset cookware sets. As a gesture of gratitude to my devoted fans, I will be giving them away for free.”

warned last April. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) advised taking a moment to carefully review the post and social media account before making a purchase. According to the BBB, the images and videos are likely to be fraudulent. If you do make a purchase, you risk losing money on a product that is of poor quality or may not even exist.

Tom Hanks and Gayle King, the host of CBS Mornings, have both had their images used to promote products that they do not support.

The King shared a fabricated video about weight loss from a company named Artipet on her personal Instagram account. She made it clear that she has no connection to the company or their claimed product, and advised her followers not to be deceived by these artificial intelligence videos.

Megan Cerullo