Barbra Streisand shares the origins of her struggle with performance anxiety, tracing it back to her time in the production of “Funny Girl”.

Even though she had a highly praised career,Barbra Streisand said that her performances have been shadowed by a fear of forgetting her lines — a fear that took root during her early days in Broadway’s “Funny Girl.”

She explained that the unexpected actions of her co-star, Sydney Chaplin, during their performance of “Funny Girl” caused her to seek therapy and developed a strong fear of performing live.

She told Gayle King, co-host of “CBS Mornings,” that he continued to speak to her quietly on stage without making eye contact. Instead, he seemed to be staring at her forehead or hair while talking, making her feel like he was a bit unhinged.

James Brolin reportedly proposed to Streisand three times before she finally said yes.

Brolin revealed a personal aspect of their past relationship, stating that he had been celibate for three years and had questioned the necessity of intimacy. Having been married twice before, he was determined to avoid repeating past mistakes.

At a special event marking a milestone, Brolin shared a heartfelt message with her, expressing that true love means wanting to spend every moment together. And in the future, even when he is gone, his love for her will remain.

He stated that home is not a physical location but rather a person.

Regarding who could portray Streisand in a future film, she indicated that she is not ready to consider it at this time.

She stated that she was not aware of anyone who had the ability.