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The musical "Hell's Kitchen" draws inspiration from Alicia Keys' life and music.

based on h The musical “Hell’s Kitchen” draws inspiration from Alicia Keys’ life and music.

</p> <p>A new musical inspired by the life and music of Alicia Keys, titled “Hell’s Kitchen”, airs on CBS News.
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Alicia Keys, a Grammy Award-winning musician, singer, and songwriter, has poured her heart into a new stage musical inspired by her own life. Titled “Hell’s Kitchen,” the musical follows the story of a young girl who shares Keys’ passion for music and struggles with a strained relationship with her mother. Along with new original music, the show also features reimagined versions of Keys’ beloved songs. In an interview with correspondent Kelefa Sanneh, Keys discusses the inspiration behind the musical and its successful run in the East Village, with plans for a potential Broadway debut. Sanneh also speaks with theater critic Ben Brantley about the evolution of “jukebox musicals” and how “Hell’s Kitchen” sets itself apart.

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