Bradley Cooper has expressed his interest in Leonard Bernstein, the subject of the upcoming film "Maestro," which he attributes to his love for cartoons.

Bradley Cooper has expressed his interest in Leonard Bernstein, the subject of the upcoming film “Maestro,” which he attributes to his love for cartoons.

Bradley Cooper has expressed his enduring interest in Leonard Bernstein, a renowned figure in classical music known for his work as a conductor and composer. He credits this fascination to cartoons.

As a child, Cooper shared with “CBS Mornings” that his love for conducting began with watching Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny. He even asked Santa for a baton at the age of 8 and has been obsessed with conducting ever since.

During a recent interview, he expressed that there was a special ability to produce sound simply by doing it, which is where it all started. He described the sensation as being a conductor, a true master.

Cooper’s second movie, “A Star is Born,” depicts the life of Bernstein on screen.“Maestro.”

Along with directing the movie, Cooper portrays Bernstein, a conductor who captivated audiences globally and also wrote famous musicals such as “West Side Story.”

Cooper described acting and directing as one unified process, stating, “To me, it’s all about making a film. It begins with an idea, then you put it into words. And ultimately, I have a desire to embody the character.”

Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper.

CBS Mornings

Cooper spent six years preparing for the role and selected Carey Mulligan to portray Felicia Montealegre, Bernstein’s wife. The two actors effectively depict the intricate dynamic of the couple’s relationship, which was recorded in their affectionate correspondence.

According to Mulligan, Montealegre had a magnetic and intelligent presence that was iconic. She also expressed admiration for Montealegre’s devotion to her partner since they first met, though there was also a sense of inner turmoil within her.

The conflict arose partly due to Bernstein’s romantic relationships with other men, which was a daring topic given the time period. However, despite the challenges they faced, Cooper stated that they were deeply in love.

Cooper explained that the motivation behind creating the film was his belief that the two characters had found their perfect match in each other, despite the complexities and universality of their relationship.

Additionally, Cooper shared his experience of conducting for the film, highlighting the excitement and difficulty involved. He mentioned that he found it more frightening than performing at the Oscars.

Cooper explained that the members of the orchestra had dedicated their entire lives to their craft, while he, like Leonard Bernstein, was giving them directions. They were likely surprised and questioning his ability to conduct them.

He admitted, “I made a mess of things on the first day.”

Mulligan stated that the most enjoyable things are challenging. He also expressed that this is the quality they are seeking, as if something is not scary, it may not be worth pursuing. He believes in taking on tasks that are frightening and overwhelming.

Bradley Cooper appeared on “Maestro” at 08:18.

Bernstein’s family played a role in the making of the film. His kids stated that Cooper involved them throughout the entire process and they were ready to support him when he received backlash for using a fake nose to portray Bernstein.

Cooper mentioned that he had contemplated not utilizing a prosthetic.

“I considered the possibility that we could skip it,” Cooper explained. “However, it’s important to find a balance. My lips and chin are completely different from Lenny’s, and when we tried it, it didn’t look quite right.”

The offspring of Bernstein expressed their backing for Cooper in a written statement, stating, “It saddens us to witness any false portrayals or misconceptions about his hard work.” Cooper acknowledged calling them to express his gratitude.

“I read the message and decided to call Alex Bernstein to express my gratitude. I distinctly recall hearing his voice on the phone. To my surprise, a rush of overwhelming emotion came over me and I couldn’t hold back my tears. I was so moved that I couldn’t even properly thank him. In fact, he even began crying as well,” shared Cooper.

“It was a truly remarkable moment. Sometimes, you’re not even aware of what’s happening…I was in disbelief at that gesture. It touched me deeply,” he stated.