Cher was not granted an immediate conservatorship over her son's funds.

Cher was not granted an immediate conservatorship over her son’s funds.

the order into effect.

On Friday, a judge refused to immediately enforce the order.Cher’s son

The woman is requesting to be placed under a legal conservatorship, which the man is contesting. The court will revisit the matter in a few weeks.

Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui of the Los Angeles Superior Court declared that Cher’s legal team failed to provide Elijah Blue Allman and his attorneys with the required paperwork, leaving them inadequate time to prepare their argument. As a result, a new hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 29.

Last week, the Oscar- and Grammy-winning singer and actor

A petition was filed to gain control over the finances of 47-year-old Elijah Blue Allman, citing his challenges with addiction and mental health that have rendered him incapable of handling his money. This could potentially put his life at risk by enabling him to purchase drugs.

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Allman inherits funds from a trust established by his deceased father, who was a musician.Gregg Allman

Gabrielle Vidal, the lawyer of Cher, stated during the hearing on Friday that a payment from the trust is currently pending. She emphasized the urgent need for the establishment of a conservatorship, stating that it is crucial for Cher’s well-being.

However, Uzcategui stated, “I am not convinced.”

On Thursday, she mentioned that Cher’s legal team was unwilling to share information with Allman’s lawyers. Cher’s attorneys stated that they had concerns about confidentiality and decided to share the documents with Allman’s court-appointed attorney instead.

In a legal document submitted before the hearing, Allman stated that a conservatorship is not required. He acknowledged issues with substance abuse and reckless spending, but clarified that he is currently receiving medical treatment, has been sober for over three months, regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and is willing to undergo drug testing.

The statement stated, “Although I appreciate my mother’s love and support and acknowledge that she believes she is acting in my best interest as the proposed conservator, I do not require her unrequested assistance or support at this moment.”

On Friday, Allman appeared in court and only briefly responded to the judge’s inquiries. His legal team chose not to make a statement following the proceedings.

Cher was absent. Her lawyers did not promptly reply to a request for a statement.