Dick Van Dyke: Forever young

Dick Van Dyke: Forever young

Even at the age of 98, Dick Van Dyke continues to perform with his group, The Vantastix, and effortlessly makes it all seem effortless. When asked about the significance of having fun while performing, Van Dyke stated that his entire career relies on it. If he’s not enjoying himself, he believes his performance suffers greatly. He considers it a blessing to have a job that he loves and would do for free. He also sympathizes with those who hate their jobs, as he personally looks forward to going to work every day.


The musical group known as The Vantastix featuring Dick Van Dyke.

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Some of his contributions influenced an entire era. For instance, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” aired for five years on CBS and was so popular that it is being revived in some form. This week, CBS will broadcast a two-hour tribute called “Dick Van Dyke, 98 Years of Magic,” and in honor of the event, they have meticulously reconstructed the famous set from the original “Dick Van Dyke Show,” complete with the iconic ottoman.


Be cautious of the footrest! The set of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” has been replicated for the special “Dick Van Dyke: 98 Years of Magic.”

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The iconic living room serves as a prime example of mid-century modern style, yet the scripts intentionally lack any mention of a specific time period – no popular culture, colloquial language, or political references. The creators aimed for “The Dick Van Dyke Show” to embody the timelessness of its titular character.

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It appears that in the entertainment industry, the greatest icons never cease to amaze. Just take a look at this.“Sunday Morning” interview from 2017 with his friends Norman Lear and Carl Reiner, in which Van Dyke described what it was like hitting 90: “People are more afraid of aging than they are of death these days. And we need to tell them that there’s a lot of good living to do.”

Lear expressed gratitude: “I am able to receive applause simply by standing!”

Starting in 2017, the television comedy “Golden Boys” was released. by
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Smith inquired, “The most recent instance in which I engaged in a lengthy discussion with you, it was with Norman on one side and Carl.”

“Yes, they were my two favorite people,” Van Dyke responded. “It’s hard to believe they’re both gone.”

Is it difficult for you to understand that?

“Yes, unfortunately all of my colleagues and acquaintances have moved on.”

“What is your method for handling that situation?”

“I attempt to avoid it by making new acquaintances and staying involved in various activities to keep myself occupied,” he responded.

Smith inquired, “Have you considered the reason for your continued presence?”

Van Dyke states, “If I had been aware of my long lifespan, I would have prioritized my health.” He acknowledges his past struggles with alcoholism and credits his wife for ensuring he exercises three days a week with a thorough routine.

His workouts are renowned for their intensity and effectiveness.

In 2021, Anthony Mason witnessed.

However, it has sustained his perseverance.


Two years ago, the cameras captured Dick Van Dyke showcasing his exercise regimen.

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In his 2015 memoir “Keep Moving,” Van Dyke advised, “Instead of fearing death, fear not making the most of life.”

Van Dyke commented, “I shared a great quote! Prioritize taking care of yourself and have the courage to try new things. It’s okay to fail.”

He proudly solves the New York Times crossword puzzle using a pen. What does this reveal about him? “That I have a lot of confidence!” he chuckled.


Dick Van Dyke, who celebrated his 98th birthday this week.

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However, recording his stand-up comedy special last week left him completely speechless. “I am absolutely blown away,” he exclaimed on the set. “I can’t even express it… I mean, it’s way past my bedtime and I’m not even tired!”

Accompanied by his wife Arlene, it was a celebration of an extraordinary life that he himself still cannot fathom as his own.

He claims that none of it was deliberate. “I’m not very skilled as a businessman,” he admitted. “After completing a film or other project, I would return home and simply wait for potential opportunities to come to me. I wasn’t assertive in seeking out work. As a result, I spent a lot of time unemployed.”

“What was your reaction to that?” inquired Smith.

“I didn’t really have a problem with it. I tend to be lazy, honestly. When I’m enjoying myself, it’s okay. But laziness is a trait of mine. I lack a lot of motivation. Fortunately, I have always been fortunate enough to have someone help me out when needed.”

“Did it happen by chance?”

“It occurred unexpectedly!”

Once more, before our very eyes, it occurred: He was accompanied by The Vantastix and began to sing once more… and the burden of almost a century disappeared, and Dick Van Dyke was just as he has always been: a joyful child.

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