Do you want to see the commercials for Super Bowl 2024 before the actual game? These advertisements are already available to watch.

Do you want to see the commercials for Super Bowl 2024 before the actual game? These advertisements are already available to watch.

The Super Bowl

The upcoming professional football championship is not just a game, but also a major advertising event where top brands spend large budgets to reach an anticipated viewership of over 100 million. Numerous companies are even releasing their commercials ahead of time in hopes of building excitement before the game on February 11th.

Businesses have a significant investment at stake as they pay $7 million for a 30-second slot during Super Bowl LVIII. A successful ad has the potential to reap significant rewards.

generate curiosity in a specific brand

Strengthening brand loyalty and potentially increasing sales.

According to Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, the chief marketing officer for DoorDash, the Super Bowl is currently the final major media event. He explained to CBS MoneyWatch that it is the only remaining opportunity to capture the attention of over 100 million viewers at once.

The Super Bowl can be viewed on CBS and Nickelodeon, as well as through streaming on Paramount+ which is owned by Paramount Global. Here is a guide on how to watch the Super Bowl.

In 2024, the Super Bowl commercials will be focused on being conservative and avoiding any controversial content.

From the advertisements released before the game, it seems that this year’s group is steering clear of any potential controversy. This could be a result of the backlash Bud Light faced last year for their partnership with transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, as well as the political climate surrounding a presidential election.

Northwestern University marketing professor Tim Calkins stated that the initial Super Bowl commercials have a lighthearted tone. It is not unexpected, as safety is crucial for advertising during the Super Bowl, leading most advertisers to avoid controversial subjects.

Some of the Super Bowl ads and previews have already been released before the game.


The brewery is tapping into nostalgia with its sixty-second advertisement showcasing its beloved Clydesdale horses. The commercial depicts a snowstorm that jeopardizes a shipment of Budweiser, but the situation is saved when a group of Clydesdales are attached to a traditional wagon carrying barrels. They trek through the wintry conditions and arrive at a village where a pub is in need of Budweiser, ultimately saving the day.

The town welcomes the horses with a Labrador retriever, bringing back memories from past Super Bowl commercials that showcased both the beloved Clydesdales and a lab.

Budweiser | Super Bowl LVIII Old School Delivery by
Budweiser on

BIC lighter

This humorous ad for what BIC calls “the most borrowed lighter” features Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart and Willie Nelson as they banter about the advantages of using the EZ Reach lighter to light, well, all kinds of things. 


The BIC EZ Reach is the most popularly borrowed lighter. by
BIC Lighters on

The website for booking travels showcases Tina Fey using body doubles to experiment with different travel adventures. Her doubles include her former colleague from “30 Rock,” Jane Krakowski, and actor Glenn Close.

Tina Fey has the freedom to choose whoever she wants to portray in the 2024 Big Game ad for by on


BMW’s commercial, which lasts for 60 seconds, promotes their electric car model, the BMW i5. The ad showcases actor Christopher Walken interacting with various people, including actress Ashley Park from “Emily in Paris” and this year’s half-time performer, Usher. In the ad, these individuals mimic Walken’s distinctive voice and dance style.

Can you rephrase the message? “There is only one Christopher Walken. And there is only one ultimate driving machine.”

According to Rich Silverstein, co-chairman of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, who was responsible for the BMW advertisement, it is a well-known fact that everyone can do a Walken impression. However, there is only one original.

BMW USA | Christopher Walken in “Talkin Like Walken” by


50% discount to viewers.

This year, DoorDash is taking a unique approach in the Super Bowl by offering viewers a 50% discount through its advertisement.sweepstakes

Providing a single viewer the opportunity to win all of the items featured in the championship game advertisements, such as the BMW and non-alcoholic food items like mayonnaise and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

DoorDash | The Ultimate Teaser for DoorDash Advertisements by
DoorDash on


The well-known ice cream company is making its first appearance in the Super Bowl with a funny advertisement featuring a passenger on an airplane in distress who asks if anyone onboard is a doctor. “Dr. Umstick” responds that he is indeed a doctor, but instead of giving medical assistance, he brings comfort to the other passengers and flight staff with Drumstick ice cream cones.

The advertisement showcases the talents of comedian and performer Eric André.

Drumstick | Doctor on the Plane by
Drumstick on


The famous E*Trade baby, who first appeared in a Super Bowl ad in 2008, is returning for another commercial during the big game. In this new ad, the talking baby is joined by a small friend as they face off against grown-up opponents in a game of pickleball while discussing financial planning instead of trash talk.

The advertisement for E*TRADE featuring a baby – Picklebabies. by

Morgan Stanley’s E*TRADE service on


The craft marketplace is promoting a “gift mode” feature to assist customers in finding gifts for others. The advertisement showcases Americans attempting to select a thank you gift for France in return for the Statue of Liberty.

Gift Mode: Etsy’s 2024 Big Game Commercial by
Etsy on

Lindt chocolate

The renowned chocolate brand, Lindt, will be debuting their inaugural Super Bowl commercial titled “Life Is a Ball” on Sunday. The 30-second ad showcases a Lindt chocolate ball wrapped in red foil, bouncing around individuals who are delighting in the delicious treat, accompanied by the upbeat melody of Perry Como’s 1957 hit, “Round and Round.”

“Experience the joy of Lindt LINDOR with our Life is a Ball collection.” by
Lindt Chocolate USA on

Mountain Dew

The beverage challenges its “having a blast” slogan with the help of actress Aubrey Plaza, known for her deadpan humor, to emphasize the uplifting effects of drinking a Mountain Dew, now branded as MTN DEW by its parent company PepsiCo. The commercial also features a brief appearance from one of Plaza’s co-stars from “Parks and Recreation.”

Aubrey Plaza stars in an entertaining Super Bowl commercial for MTN DEW. by
Mountain Dew on


The new candy brand made its first appearance at the Super Bowl with a commercial featuring actress Addison Rae teaching a secret student some dance steps. She commented, “That was adorable!” with a hint of uncertainty. The full commercial revealed the student to be a large NERD gummy candy, dancing to “Flashdance … What a Feeling.”

This advertisement is also the first Super Bowl commercial for NERDS’ parent company, Ferrara.

The 2024 NERDS Big Game Commercial featuring Addison Rae has been released and is 30 seconds long. by
NERDS Candy on

Oikos yogurt

In the commercial for a yogurt brand, Martin Lawrence and Shannon Sharpe star as they ponder their options after driving their golf cart into a water hazard. Sharpe suggests calling a tow truck, but Lawrence, who is enjoying his Oikos yogurt, dismisses the idea and uses his super strength fueled by the yogurt to handle the situation himself.

OikosYogurt on


The real estate firm will broadcast a commercial showcasing a genuine homeowner in Atlanta displaying their house through Opendoor’s Virtual Assessment. This is a virtual representation of the home that serves as a substitute for an in-person tour. The advertisement is currently being previewed by the company through two teasers, with one shown here.

Halftime Tour of Opendoor: Restroom by
Opendoor on


The Oreo commercial portrays individuals from different eras using the iconic cookie to help them make important decisions. Depending on which side the frosting is on, they will choose one option over the other. The ad also includes a brief appearance by Kris Jenner, known for her involvement in reality television, as she uses an Oreo to determine whether her family will participate in a new show during the mid-2000s.

Picture a universe where a mere twist of an OREO cookie could have the power to alter everything. Absolutely everything. by
OREO Cookie on


The upcoming Paramount+ commercial will feature a comedic segment with Patrick Stewart from “Star Trek” and other famous characters from Paramount series as they conquer a figurative “mountain of entertainment.” Keep an eye out for appearances by Drew Barrymore, “Survivor” host Jeff Probst, and animated favorites like Peppa Pig.

The Super Bowl commercial for Paramount+ features Sir Patrick Stewart tossing a greeting to Arnold and promises a plethora of entertainment. by
Paramount Plus on


A popular restaurant franchise has released a 60-second commercial showcasing Ken Jeong, a comedic actor, who has just been awakened from a 52-year cryogenic freeze. His reason for being frozen was to wait for the creation of the ultimate chicken wing. In addition to trying Popeyes’ latest wings, he also comes across various other innovative creations such as self-driving cars, drones, and massage chairs.

“The anticipation is finally over” by
Popeyes on

Pluto TV

The advertisement for Pluto TV, a streaming service supported by ads and owned by Paramount, depicts a scenario in which farmers cultivate a crop of “couch potatoes” – a field of individuals dressed as potatoes who spend their time sitting on couches and streaming shows.

“Farming for couch potatoes on Pluto TV.” by
Pluto TV on


PepsiCo’s Starry beverage, which boasts a refreshing lemon-lime flavor, stars the popular musician Ice Spice alongside two lovable animated characters in a comical commercial about the desire to experiment with different beverages.

Starry | Love Triangle | Super Bowl :30 by
Starry on


Jason Momoa, known for his acting roles, informs fellow actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison from the TV comedy “Scrubs” that their planned Super Bowl watch party will not take place due to a cable outage. In response, Braff and Faison put on a performance inspired by the movie “Flashdance” to promote the benefits of T-Mobile’s home internet. Momoa joins in the routine, showcasing his dancing skills and singing abilities.

Experience the T-Mobile Home Internet Sensation | 2024 Super Bowl Commercial | T-Mobile Home Internet by
T-Mobile on


“During the Super Bowl, Intuit TurboTax will showcase a commercial with Quinta Brunson, creator and actor of “Abbott Elementary”, directed by Taika Waititi. The 45-second advertisement will be shown in the second quarter, but for now, TurboTax has released a teaser featuring Brunson.”

The teaser for the official TurboTax Super Bowl commercial, airing for 15 seconds. by
Intuit TurboTax on

Uber Eats

Uber’s food delivery platform, Uber Eats, will showcase a celebrity-filled commercial with Victoria and David Beckham. In a humorous preview for the advertisement, the famous couple playfully references a popular moment from their Netflix documentary “Beckham,” where David jokingly points out Victoria’s mistake as she shares about her upbringing as a working class individual. In the teaser for Uber, Victoria mistakenly mentions the ad taking place “during the big baseball game,” prompting David to playfully “fix” her words. The tagline reads: “Even if you forget everything else, don’t forget to order from Uber Eats on Super Bowl Sunday.”

David and Victoria Beckham have neglected Uber Eats. by
Uber Eats on

In the latest preview for Uber Eats, we see Jason “Jelly Roll” DeFord, a Grammy-nominated artist, staring at his reflection in the mirror and realizing that his entire face is covered in tattoos. The Nashville musician exclaims in dismay, “They’re all over and they’re terrible!”

Uber Eats on

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