During his acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards, RuPaul showed his support for drag queen story hours.

During his acceptance speech at the Emmy Awards, RuPaul showed his support for drag queen story hours.

2021 MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Reality Show

While accepting the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Reality Show, RuPaul showed support for drag queen story hours at libraries.

award for the best reality competition

During the Emmys ceremony on Monday evening.


Opposed to events featuring drag queen story hour.

On Monday, RuPaul stated that it is important to listen to a drag queen who wants to share a story with you at the library. This is because knowledge is a source of power, and if someone is attempting to limit your access to power, they are trying to intimidate you. Therefore, it is crucial to heed the words of a drag queen.

The Human Rights Campaign praised the speech for its focus on safeguarding the power of LGBTQ+ individuals in the face of anti-drag assaults.


In 2020, when questioned about his thoughts on the acceptance of the LGBTQ community and drag queens, he expressed doubt about the true extent of that acceptance.

In an interview with “CBS Mornings,” he expressed uncertainty about its level of acceptance. He also stated that, fundamentally, we are all alike. However, he observed that our nation is currently more divided than he has ever seen in his lifetime.

Last year, singers Hayley Kiyoko

Both Lizzo and the other performer included drag queens in their on-stage acts.Lizzo

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A recent legislation in Tennessee that limits drag shows.

During a performance in Knoxville, 20 drag queens were brought on stage, including popular contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” such as Aquaria, Kandy Muse, Asia O’Hara, and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.


The state of Tennessee has prohibited the performance of “adult cabarets” in public places or in the presence of minors.10 digits

The bill, which has 10 digits, was approved by the Republican Governor Bill Lee in February. but

prevented by a federal judge in April, however

The implementation was delayed by several hours.

In November, the Supreme Court of

refused to permit implementation of
A recent Florida law banning minors from attending drag shows remains in effect, following a decision by a lower court to uphold it while a legal challenge is ongoing.

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