Following the passing of Jon Stewart's beloved canine, an overwhelming number of charitable contributions have been made to a local animal shelter.

Following the passing of Jon Stewart’s beloved canine, an overwhelming number of charitable contributions have been made to a local animal shelter.

Jon Stewart’s emotional goodbye to his dog, Dipper, on Monday’s episode of The Daily Show resulted in a surge of donations to the New York City animal shelter where the pup was adopted from. Even after five days, the shelter continues to receive generous donations.

Tiffany Lacey, executive director of Animal Haven, informed CBS News on Friday that their total donations were close to $50,000. She expressed her surprise and gratitude for the generous contributions.

Lacey mentioned that the donations will benefit the dogs, particularly for veterinary needs, training, nutrition, and treats. This is in honor of Dipper’s memory.

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Stewart shared how Dipper became a part of his life 12 years ago when his children, aged six and seven, wanted to raise funds for the shelter by selling homemade cupcakes. This segment on TV motivated viewers to donate.


12 years ago, Jon Stewart was photographed with his children and his dog, Dipper, outside Animal Haven in New York City.

Animal Haven

During the program, Stewart discussed a brindle pit bull who was hit by a car in Brooklyn and lost its right leg. Recalling the incident, Stewart became emotional as he shared that the dog was brought to him and placed in his lap. The dog, who was approximately one year old, was adopted by Stewart and his family and given the name “Dipper,” leading to a positive and fulfilling day for both them and the organization.

“Love was instantly sparked between the two of them,” stated Lacey as she remembered Stewart holding the puppy in his lap throughout the entire event. Lacey noted that Stewart’s dog was always full of energy and loved to swim and play, despite only having three legs.


A picture of Jon Stewart’s dog, Dipper, without a specific date.

Animal Haven

Steward shared with his audience that Dipper was the “best” among all the good boys in the world. He explained how Dipper was his faithful companion every day and even succeeded in frightening Malala Yousafzai, which the Taliban failed to do. Steward then played a video of the Nobel Prize winner fleeing from Dipper’s barking, exclaiming “Oh no, it’s a dog!”

Stewart concluded his segment by expressing his hope for viewers to one day find their ultimate canine companion.

According to Lacey, the Stewart family has welcomed several pets into their home through Animal Haven and she urges others to think about adopting animals as well.

Currently, there is a high demand for dogs, according to her statement, which is similar to what other shelters have also mentioned.It seems like there is a large number of dogs without homes..

She announced that there is positive development for cats, with a significant increase in both kitten and cat adoptions. She encouraged individuals to contribute, adopt, and offer their services, emphasizing the importance of adoption rather than purchasing.

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