Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush discuss the band's future endeavors.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush discuss the band’s future endeavors.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, long-time friends and business partners, have recently launched a new product called Rush Canadian Golden Ale at Henderson’s Brewery in Toronto. Given the success of their band Rush, this venture is expected to be well-received.

55 years after creating Rush in the outskirts of Toronto, Lee has released a memoir titled “My Effin’ Life” where he reflects on his past. He stated, “We often believe we know ourselves, but there are still things we keep hidden from ourselves. Sometimes, it takes a thorough exploration to uncover all of our truths and realize, ‘Wow, that was me.'”


Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee, members of the band Rush, joined correspondent Jim Axelrod in trying out some “Rush Canadian Golden Ale” at Henderson Brewing Company in Toronto.

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Reworded: Geddy Lee currently enjoys the life of a rock star, surrounded by 350 bass guitars in his home studio. This would have been unimaginable for him, as the son of Jewish immigrants and Holocaust survivors who met at Auschwitz. He considers it a miracle that he is able to sit here and appreciate the success he has achieved, all thanks to his parents’ perseverance and survival.

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Rush’s blend of musicianship, stagecraft and, yes, a little goofiness inspired intense loyalty from a crowd that was largely male teenagers in the early days. Though the 1981 album “Moving Pictures” had fan favorites like “Limelight” and “Tom Sawyer,” hit singles were never their jam. Lee notes, “We used to say, ‘Wow, that’s a catchy tune we just wrote. If somebody else played it, it might be a single, but if we play it for sure, we’ll f*** it up!'”

The individuals were aware of their actions, merging the grand, evolving rock sound with Geddy’s unique vocals. A reviewer stated, “If Lee’s voice were any more high-pitched and gruff, his listeners would solely be dogs and beings from other planets.”

Lee exclaimed, “That’s an excellent idea, I’ll definitely purchase it!”

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They had a formula that could generate sales of 40 million albums.

Lee stated that the lesson to be learned is to always be true to yourself and stand by your beliefs.

Rush Posed In London

In June of 1980, the Canadian progressive rock band Rush’s bassist Geddy Lee, drummer Neil Peart, and guitarist Alex Lifeson were photographed in a London studio.

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This could have been the complete tale of the most thriving rock group in Canada. However, in 1997, their music came to a halt. Tragically, Neil Peart’s daughter passed away in a car accident. Lee expressed, “Losing your child is the most excruciating pain imaginable.”

After ten months, Peart’s spouse passed away due to cancer. It would take Peart five years to regain interest in playing.

Lee expressed gratitude for the opportunity to perform again as a trio, stating that Rush 2.0 was a distinct and renewed band.

How did we become more appreciative and loose? We began saying yes to things we would usually decline.

This is how they appeared in television shows such as “South Park” and films like “I Love You, Man.”

Lifeson also observed a shift in their concert attendees: “We began to see a significant increase in female audience members.”

“Approximately five or six,” Lee chuckled.

Lifeson expressed that it was fascinating to witness the evolution of the band, from a niche and exclusive group to something more widespread.

28th Annual Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Arrivals
Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart and Geddy Lee of Rush attend the 28th annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, April 18, 2013 in Los Angeles. 

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Despite being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, tragedy struck the band. In 2016, Neil Peart was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away in 2020.

Axelrod inquired, “So while you’re both determining the contents of the upcoming chapter, is there someone who is absent?”

Lee stated, “It’s challenging to determine the purpose of that chapter without his guidance.”

When asked if they had thought about finding a new talented drummer to go on tour again, Lee responded by saying, “Have we discussed it? Yes. It is not out of the realm of possibility, but I cannot promise it at this time.”

However, Lifeson expresses a more optimistic sentiment. He stated, “It is not ingrained in our genetic makeup to give up.”

Fans of Rush should be aware that no matter how they choose to work together, they will do it in the same manner they always have, as stated by Lee: “Do what you believe in, because if you follow someone else’s beliefs and fail, you have gained nothing. But if you follow your own beliefs and fail, you still have hope.”

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