George Clooney disclosed that "Friends" did not bring happiness to Matthew Perry: "He was not content."

George Clooney disclosed that “Friends” did not bring happiness to Matthew Perry: “He was not content.”

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George Clooney recently discussed his bond with the late Matthew Perry, whose cause of death was disclosed by a Los Angeles County medical examiner as a result of substance abuse.

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Earlier this year, Clooney mentioned that despite Perry’s involvement in one of the most successful TV shows ever, he was not content.

During an interview with Deadline, 62-year-old Clooney reflected on his time filming “ER,” the popular medical drama in which he appeared for one season. He shared that the show was being taped on a soundstage right next to “Friends,” the beloved sitcom starring Perry and his five co-stars for a decade. Clooney expressed his enjoyment of watching the “Friends” cast during that time, as they were all very close.

The majority of the actors on each series were not well-known at the time, according to Clooney. However, he mentioned that he and Perry had known each other for even longer.

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According to Clooney, Perry’s discontentment serves as a reminder that achieving success and acquiring wealth does not necessarily lead to happiness.

He advised, “You must find contentment within yourself and your circumstances.”

During his battle with addiction, Perry shared with People Magazine in 2022 that the TV show “Friends” had a profound impact on his life and his co-stars were incredibly supportive and understanding as he worked towards sobriety. He compared their support to that of penguins in nature, where injured or ill penguins are surrounded and helped by others until they can stand on their own again.

Following his death, tributes from stars

Perry’s “Friends” castmates also showed their support by releasing a statement and sharing posts on social media.

Jennifer Aniston recently stated in an interview with Variety, which was published last week.

Perry was in a state of contentment and good physical condition.

At the time of his passing, she stated in a joint interview with Reese Witherspoon, her co-star on “The Morning Show,” that he had stopped smoking, was working on his fitness, and was content.

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The day he passed away, Aniston recalled texting with him that morning and noted that he seemed content and free from pain or struggle. She fondly remembered his sense of humor.

“I desire for others to acknowledge that he was extremely fit and actively improving his health. He was dedicated and put in a lot of effort. Unfortunately, he faced significant challenges. I deeply miss him, as we all do. He had a knack for making us laugh uncontrollably,” expressed Aniston.

In an Instagram tribute, Aniston expressed that Perry had a natural talent for making others laugh and that his happiness was truly tied to hearing the sound of people laughing at his jokes.

She exclaimed, “Wow, he really accomplished that goal! He had us all in stitches, laughing hard!”

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