In her recent memoir, Britney Spears shares the reason behind her compliance with the conservatorship: "There was one very compelling reason."

In her recent memoir, Britney Spears shares the reason behind her compliance with the conservatorship: “There was one very compelling reason.”

Britney Spears says she “went along” with a court-ordered conservatorship

She was under its influence for almost 14 years due to a compelling reason.

In her upcoming memoir, “The Woman in Me,” which will be released on Tuesday, she confesses, “I did it for my children.”

Spears has two children, Jayden and Sean Preston, with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. She temporarily lost custody of them in 2007, after divorcing Federline and struggling with mental health issues. In 2008, a California judge placed Spears under a conservatorship

, and her father, Jamie Spears, assumed responsibility for managing her personal affairs and financial matters.

Her entire life was controlled by strict rules, from what she ate to her job and even her choices about birth control. She claims she wasn’t even permitted to have coffee.

She expresses her disappointment with the court’s decision to appoint her father as conservator, despite her pleading for someone else to be chosen. She believes that even a random person from the street would have been a better choice.

Spears expressed excitement for her newfound independence after a judge granted her release from the conservatorship two years ago following pressure from fans, who started the “#FreeBritney” movement, to set her free.

According to her memoir, freedom on social media entails embracing goofiness, silliness, and having fun. It also means having the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Additionally, freedom means not feeling pressure to perform for others, whether on or off stage. It means accepting imperfections and being able to pursue joy in one’s own unique way and terms.

CBS News has made an attempt to contact Jamie Spears for a response.

“The Woman in Me,” which is released by Simon & Schuster, a branch of Paramount Global, the parent company of CBS News, also discusses Spears’ battle with postpartum depression after giving birth to her two sons in 2005 and 2006.

In 2007, the paparazzi sought after any photo of her with her children, resulting in headlines labeling her as an inadequate parent.

“I regret to say that there was not the same awareness and discussion about mental health during that time period as there is now,” Spears expresses. “I sincerely hope that any new mothers who come across this message and are struggling will seek assistance as soon as possible…Because I have come to realize that I was experiencing nearly every sign of perinatal depression: feelings of sadness, worry, and exhaustion.”

According to Dr. Jessi Gold, a mental health professional focusing on women’s issues, postpartum depression often involves feelings of guilt surrounding societal expectations of motherhood and femininity, as well as struggling to bond with one’s child.

Gold commented on the possibility of negative comments from others adding to the already negative thoughts in Spears’ mind and the difficulty of dealing with that.

shaving her head

At a hair salon in California, a woman made a statement of disobedience. She explains that it was a way to show those who viewed her long blonde hair only as a sexual symbol in dance performances.

“I felt trapped. As usual, I was being pursued by these men who were constantly looking for an opportunity to take photos of me,” writes Spears. “So, that night I gave them something to capture… Shaving my head was my way of expressing to the world: Screw you.”

The author discusses her use of social media in her book, which has been a source of controversy and worry for some. Recently, she shared a video of herself dancing with knives, which led to authorities conducting a wellness check.

“I understand that many individuals may not comprehend my fascination with capturing images of myself in the nude or in new outfits. However, if they had been the subject of countless photographs taken by others…they might understand that I find joy in expressing my sexuality and capturing it on camera in my own unique way,” Spears states in her memoir.