It has been determined by a legal official that rapper A$AP Rocky will face a trial for felony charges of allegedly shooting a firearm at a former associate.

It has been determined by a legal official that rapper A$AP Rocky will face a trial for felony charges of allegedly shooting a firearm at a former associate.

On Monday, a judge in Los Angeles determined that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial for A$AP Rocky, who is accused of shooting a gun at a former friend and collaborator outside of a Hollywood hotel in 2021.

Judge M.L. Villar, presiding over a preliminary hearing, rendered the decision after listening to approximately a day and a half of testimonies. Rocky has denied the two charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm. His legal representative tried to raise uncertainty about the case during the interrogation of a police detective.

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Rakim Mayers, aka A$AP Rocky, sits during a preliminary hearing in the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles, Monday, Nov. 20, 2023. A judge is set to hear evidence Monday against the 35-year-old rap star and father of two children with Rihanna as he decides whether he should stand trial on two felony counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm. He has pleaded not guilty. (Allison Dinner/Pool Photo via AP)

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I previously entered a plea of not guilty.

The defendant pleaded guilty to two charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm. During the cross-examination of a police detective, his lawyer tried to raise doubts about the validity of the case.

Acting as Donald Trump’s legal representation in his criminal case in New York and other cases, the lawyer questioned the detective about the weapon, implying that the police could not determine if it was loaded or a functioning firearm.

“Did anyone ever test that gun, or whatever it was?” Tacopina inquired. “No, it was never found,” Flores replied.

Tacopina inquired, “Are you uncertain whether it is a functional firearm or not?”

The detective responded, “I cannot determine its functionality without having it.”

Tacopina attempted to raise uncertainty about Ephron’s minor hand injury, questioning why he waited until he was back in New York to seek medical attention.

The detective was presented with a picture of the injured fingers and the perpetrator mockingly remarked, “It’s a wonder he made it through the gunshot.”

The judge scolded him, reprimanding Tacopina multiple times to adjust his attitude.

On April, Rocky was detained at Los Angeles International Airport and officially accused in August. He appeared in court on Monday dressed in a black suit, sunglasses, and a face mask, having just attended the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix as Puma’s creative director for their collaboration with F1.

In recent times, he has not released much music. Instead, he has gained recognition as the significant other of Rihanna, a fellow fashion influencer, and co-parent of their second child born in May. His first two studio albums, released in 2013 and 2015, both achieved the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

In an unexpected turn of events, Rocky unintentionally became a subject of interest for former President Donald Trump. Trump claimed to be working towards securing the rapper’s release and bringing him back to the United States after he was arrested following a fight in Sweden in 2019. Despite being convicted of assault during his trial, Rocky received a “conditional sentence” which did not involve any further imprisonment.

California courts hold preliminary hearings, which are like mini trials where a judge determines if there is enough evidence to proceed. The level of proof needed for this is not as high as the standard for criminal guilt.