Julia Roberts discusses the combination of family dynamics and catastrophic events in "Leave the World Behind."

Julia Roberts discusses the combination of family dynamics and catastrophic events in “Leave the World Behind.”

her iconic roles in “Pretty Woman” and “Erin Brockovich”, has been a Hollywood A-list actress for over 30 years.

Julia Roberts has been a highly acclaimed actress in Hollywood for more than three decades, thanks to her iconic performances in “Pretty Woman” and “Erin Brockovich”. iconic roles

Julia Roberts, known for her roles in “Mystic Pizza,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Erin Brockovich,” once again captivates audiences as a doubting spouse in Netflix’s “Leave the World Behind.” This gripping end-of-the-world suspense has rapidly risen to the top of Netflix’s rankings, claiming the No. 1 spot for movies in the United States.

Directed by Sam Esmail, “Leave the World Behind” delves into the lives of a family grappling with unexpected challenges and the sudden loss of modern conveniences like internet, GPS and cell service. They are elements that Roberts says drew her to the film, which she says can have various interpretations.

According to Roberts, Sam Esmail refers to it as a disaster movie while Ethan Hawke describes it as a thriller. In my opinion, it combines elements of both genres. However, at its core, it is a tale about a married couple with contrasting personalities – the husband is calm and easygoing, while the wife is a driven and difficult person to deal with.

Julia Roberts speculates on the current whereabouts of her beloved movie characters.

Roberts’ persona breaks free in a dance to the popular 1997 song “Too Close” by Next alongside costar Mahershala Ali, representing a rare departure from her character’s normally strict behavior. According to Roberts, this scene was a deliberate choice by director Esmail to enhance her character’s complexity.

Outside of the movie industry, Roberts’ actual dance companion is her spouse of two decades, Danny Moder. The pair have three kids together and Roberts affectionately calls him “her most beloved person.” When King mentions her husband, Roberts’ face lights up with a huge grin, which she finds “awkward.” However, King reassures her that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and they both admit to being hopeless romantics.

When questioned about how she recognized Moder as her soulmate despite other romantic relationships in Roberts’ past, she replied, “He possesses intelligence, kindness, and a dynamic perspective on the world and people. And he is also incredibly resilient and affectionate.” She further describes him as the “greatest blessing” in her life.

During a 1989 interview with CBS, Julia Roberts was asked if she had been able to maintain a personal life while experiencing rapid success during the promotion of “Steel Magnolias.”

Roberts responded in part, saying “I think for now I’m just working really hard, so I deserve that day when it comes, and I’ll be able to enjoy a more normal life and distance myself from the business a little more and not be forgotten about.” 

The monarch also requested that Julia consider her previous words. Looking back on her professional path, Roberts mentioned that her early understanding of the bigger picture of life has been valuable in guiding her on her personal and work journey.

“It’s intriguing. I’m discussing the long-term aspect of life at such a young age. Kudos to myself. Showing maturity beyond my years.”


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