Julie Andrews on finding her voice again, as a children's book author

Julie Andrews on finding her voice again, as a children’s book author

“Mary Poppins” was Julie Andrews’ first film. Her second film was “The Sound of Music.” If she had never made another movie, she might still be one of Hollywood’s most endearing and beloved stars … and generation after generation would still be singing along. 

Though that was just the beginning of a career literally in its eighth decade, it’s a very good place to start. Because now, Julie Andrews is a writer of children’s books, with co-author, and daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. Their latest is a story of the theater from the perspective of … a duck. 

And it’s a true story! Hamilton said, “Some years ago, here at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, we happened to notice that a pair of ducks were nesting in a planter in our courtyard out front.”


Source: cbsnews.com