on Super Bowl

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, discusses the increasing popularity of the league and the influence of Taylor Swift on the Super Bowl.

on Super Bowl Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, discusses the increasing popularity of the league and the influence of Taylor Swift on the Super Bowl.

We all know Thanksgiving is about turkey, family and football, and the National Football League is working hard to satisfy the nation’s appetite for the latter. A busy NFL lineup is slated for the next few days — with three games on Thanksgiving

On Black Friday, the first game ever was played, followed by a complete schedule of matches on Sunday.

“I believe there is a high demand for football, but I also believe it is strategically planned,” stated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an exclusive interview with “CBS Mornings” prior to the upcoming games.

Goodell explained that these plans are carefully thought out and purposeful in order to provide individuals with larger and more frequent gatherings centered around football. This is precisely why it aligns so well with Thanksgiving, as it brings people together.

her boyfriend public, has been named as one of the most influential people in the world

Recently, Taylor Swift made her romance with her partner known to the public and has been recognized as one of the most influential individuals globally.Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce public. Swift has attended some of Kelce’s recent games, even sitting with his family, and fans have been eager to spot her in attendance.

Goodell praised Swift as an “incredible artist” and Kelce as an “exceptional player.”

According to Goodell, it’s positive to see the joy and connection between Taylor and their partner, as it brings together fans of both Taylor and the NFL. This connection also benefits the league by bringing attention to the sport. Goodell welcomes this connection and the resulting attention it brings.

The focus is on an upcoming important event for the league: the Super Bowl, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas in early 2021 and televised by CBS. Additionally, Goodell mentioned that the league is planning to enter a new international market in 2024.

“We’re going to expand our regular season games series next year. We’ll play in a new market next year, either Spain or Brazil,” Goodell said. 

Player safety is a highly discussed topic within the NFL.

Goodell stated that he believes the physicality, speed, and strength of our game has reached new heights. He also acknowledged the increased athleticism of our players. The goal is to eliminate techniques that directly cause injuries.

One crucial point that Goodell emphasized is the need for parents to be fully aware of the steps being taken to enhance safety in the league, in order to ensure the safe participation of young football players.

“We aim to inform parents about the steps we have taken to enhance the safety of the game, including the removal of certain techniques and improvements in coaching methods. Our platform serves as a means to promote safety in all sports. This has resulted in significant positive changes, such as advancements in equipment, rule revisions, coaching techniques, and research initiatives. We are proud of our progress and will continue to prioritize safety.”

I hope that when my career comes to an end, I am remembered for all the contributions I have made to the NFL and the efforts I have put in to improve the state of the sport.

“I started as an intern at the NFL and my love for it has only grown since then,” stated Goodell. “I strongly believe it has many great qualities, such as its ability to bring communities together. We have also worked to improve the game for our players, clubs, partners, and most importantly, our fans. The positive impact can be seen in the numbers and that motivates us to constantly strive for improvement.”

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Source: cbsnews.com