Rod Stewart, a renowned rock star, discussing the process of recording classic and beloved songs.

Rod Stewart, a renowned rock star, discussing the process of recording classic and beloved songs.

It is a unique and wonderful experience when two individuals share two passions and they merge seamlessly, resulting in double the enjoyment. For instance, Rod Stewart, renowned rock star and model train enthusiast, and Jools Holland, leader of a big band and model train enthusiast, discovered their shared interest and decided to connect and possibly plan a train-themed get-together.

Stewart mentioned that we both share a passion for model railroads. Whenever we get together to discuss music, trains are always the first topic of conversation. He asked about the progress of my layout and shared his own project, before moving on to music.


“Are you planning on joining me this evening on a train that travels through the city center?” Rod Stewart proudly displays his collection of model trains.

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When they eventually reached the music, it was discovered that they were both on the same track.

The official music video for “Almost Like Being in Love” by Rod Stewart and Jools Holland.Rod Stewart on

Stewart noted that the link between 1950s rock ‘n’ roll and swing is incredibly strong, as they blend together seamlessly. He also mentioned that there are a few songs on the album that closely resemble rock ‘n’ roll, and could even be classified as such.

He is well aware of this fact. Since his first popular song, “Maggie May,” in 1971, Rod Stewart has achieved sales of over 120 million records. His career has lasted for six decades and is still ongoing. Not only has he endured from the era of rock music, but he has also been recognized as a knight – Sir Rod.

The unique appearance and voice have not become outdated. The edgy hairstyle and rough voice were intentional decisions and something he worked on. He explained, “I aimed to have a sound similar to Sam Cooke and other legendary R&B singers, and this is how it turned out.” He also added, “Without Sam Cooke, there may not have been a Rod Stewart.”

Did he focus on developing that rough, harsh voice? “I didn’t intentionally aim for a rough voice – that’s just how it turned out. It has to do with my nasal passages and throat, and it was a happy accident. Interestingly, I actually broke my nose when I was 19 from playing football. Recently, a doctor suggested straightening it out for a nicer appearance, but warned me that it could potentially affect my voice. I told them to leave it be – I’ll stick with my bent nose.”

The objective was to avoid appearing and sounding identical to everyone else.

In 1975, Rod Stewart performed the song “Sailing.”

The official music video for “Sailing” by Rod Stewart. by
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However, the iconic Rod Stewart performance that is now so well-known was not initially well-received. When I first approached Decca Records at 19 years old, they were hesitant due to my rough appearance and unconventional features, such as my hair and nose. They were looking for more conventionally attractive performers.

He was the complete opposite of attractive, stereotypical rockers. “Just look at his appearance. It was obvious that he was destined to be a rock vocalist.”

A renowned rockstar who has lived a wild and iconic rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle for many years. Despite having eight children with five different women and being 79 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down. He firmly stated, “I am not slowing down!”

Is he increasing his speed? “No, I am not accelerating. I have around 60 concerts scheduled this year. It is not yet time for me to slow down and retire, you understand?”

Phillips mentioned that everyone reaches a moment when they declare, “Okay, I’ve had my fill, it’s been enjoyable.”

Stewart responded, “Absolutely not. Performing is like a drug. It’s addicting to stand on stage and entertain thousands of people every night, leaving them all feeling happy and satisfied. It’s a fantastic job and I have no desire to quit.”

Instead of giving up, try to relax and adapt to the current situation.

Rod Stewart and Jools Holland collaborate on a rendition of “Pennies From Heaven”.

Jools Holland and Rod Stewart perform “Pennies From Heaven” in the official music video. by
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When asked about how his life has changed, he responded, “I have been happily married for… how long? Since 2007. I got married, have a wonderful wife and children. So, I have decreased my pace in that aspect, if you catch my drift!”

Stewart now lives on his English country estate with his family, his Ferrari and his Lamborghini (not exactly slowing down).

The man proudly displayed his Ferrari, claiming he had purchased it for £4.5 million. He defended his decision to spend such a large sum on a car, stating that it was a smart investment since similar models are now selling for seven or eight million. He compared it to buying a house on wheels.

Rod Stewart with his house that moves. 

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Phillips compares buying a car to buying a house, but for the majority of us, buying a car is simply buying a car.

Stewart responded, “I have been fortunate.” However, I possess an incredible skill while you do not. Touché.

A remarkable skill that continues to thrive – just like his trains.

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