Sean "Diddy" Combs has refuted allegations made against him in a recent lawsuit claiming he was involved in a gang rape.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has refuted allegations made against him in a recent lawsuit claiming he was involved in a gang rape.

A civil court filing on Wednesday in the United States District Court Southern District of New York states that a woman is alleging that Sean “Diddy” Combs and two other men committed gang rape against her in 2003 when she was 17 years old.

The legal complaint claims that Combs, along with Harve Pierre, former head of Bad Boy Entertainment, and an unidentified third party, engaged in the act of sexually assaulting her in a music studio in New York City in 2003, while she was in the 11th grade. According to experts, gang rape is described as a situation where multiple individuals attack and harm the same victim.

Unlike the three previous sexual assault suits filed against 54-year-old Combs under the Adult Survivors Act
Recently, there has been a lawsuit filed against the music mogul under New York City’s law protecting against gender-motivated violence. Additionally, three other women have also filed lawsuits against him.the Adult Survivors Act

The New York law, which expired on Nov. 24, allowed victims of sexual abuse to file civil action within one year, regardless of the statute of limitations.

A shocking legal case alleging that Combs sexually assaulted, physically harmed, and trafficked her during their ten-year relationship.

Combs was accused of several things in the lawsuit, such as raping Ventura in her residence when she attempted to end their relationship. It was also alleged that he frequently physically assaulted Ventura, causing bruising, lip injuries, black eyes, and bleeding. Additionally, Ventura claimed that in 2012, Combs destroyed rapper Kid Cudi’s car after learning of his romantic feelings for her.

According to the lawsuit, Combs allegedly compelled Ventura to participate in sexual activities with male escorts while he watched and recorded the incidents while pleasuring himself.


The pair came to an unspecified amount.

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After Combs strongly denied the accusations.

“I have made the decision to peacefully resolve this issue with some degree of influence on the terms. I am grateful to my family, supporters, and legal team for their steadfast backing,” stated Ventura.

“My statement expresses that we have come to a mutual agreement,” stated Combs. “I extend my well wishes to Cassie and her loved ones. With love.”