The debut of "After Midnight," a new late-night program on CBS hosted by Taylor Tomlinson, is scheduled for January 16th.

The debut of “After Midnight,” a new late-night program on CBS hosted by Taylor Tomlinson, is scheduled for January 16th.

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson is currently on a stand-up comedy tour.

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson is giving a sneak peek of her upcoming “Have It All” stand-up tour, starting at 07:15.

CBS announced on Thursday that “After Midnight,” a new late-night talk show hosted by Taylor Tomlinson, will debut on Tuesday, January 16 at 12:37 a.m. Eastern Time.

According to a news release from CBS, “After Midnight” is a late-night comedy show hosted by renowned comedian Taylor Tomlinson. The show features a panel of guests from various fields such as entertainment, comedy, and music, and focuses on the most talked-about topics on the internet with a game show twist. It has been described as “the most intelligent show on TV about the silliest things on the internet.”

James Corden

The new version of Comedy Central’s “@midnight,” known as the late-night series, will now take over the time slot that was previously occupied by “The Late Late Show” with James Corden.James Corden.¬†

Corden taped his last episode in April after eight years and nearly 1,200 episodes as host.

as the show’s newest correspondent

Stephen Colbert, the presenter of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” introduced Tomlinson, a rising comedian, as the newest reporter for the the host back in November

Colbert holds the additional role of being an executive producer for the new program.

Stephen Colbert revealed that Taylor Tomlinson will be the host of the upcoming show “After Midnight” on CBS. by
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on

Tomlinson, who is 29 years old, has gained attention in the past for her comedy shows “Quarter-Life Crisis” and “Look at You” on Netflix. She also appeared on the TV shows “Last Comic Standing” on NBC and “The Comedy Lineup” on Netflix before her specials.

CBS announced that the show will also be accessible for streaming on Paramount+.

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