The Golden Globes is recovering from previous controversies.

The Golden Globes is recovering from previous controversies.

92nd Academy Awards

The 92nd Academy Awards marks the beginning of Hollywood’s highly anticipated awards season.Golden Globes

The upcoming broadcast on CBS, set for this Sunday, features a highly anticipated event with a vibrant atmosphere. The lineup boasts numerous nominations for “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” as well as highly praised movies such as “Killers of the Flower Moon” and “Poor Things.”

In the realm of television, “Succession” has emerged as the top contender, receiving almost twice as many nominations as any other show.

It is scheduled to make a noteworthy return with numerous notable alterations.

reforms including an updated code of conduct, bylaws, a ban on gifts and new rules on travel. 


In June 2023, the HFPA was dissolved following the awarding of the Golden Globes, as part of a significant restructuring within the organization.acquired

The parent company of Dick Clark Productions, Eldridge Industries, made changes to the membership. They removed problematic voters and increased the overall number of members from approximately 85 to 300, with a 10% representation of Black members.

Kyle Buchanan, a columnist for The New York Times who covers awards shows, stated that this is their current effort to recover from what is likely their most notable scandal thus far.

Buchanan stated that many individuals are unfamiliar with the group’s identity. He noted that it was easy to identify older Globe voters at press conferences, but the new group may have a more serious demeanor that will become apparent in the coming years.

This year, there is a new change that allows for Taylor Swift to potentially attend the show for her nominated concert film. The film is up for an award in a newly created category, called Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, specifically for blockbuster films.

Buchanan stated, “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if they were able to have Taylor in that ballroom.”

Comedian Jo Koy

The host of the show will be ____. During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Nischelle Turner, he mentioned his intense preparation for the event, which only lasted eight days. Comedian Chris Rock has provided him with support and guidance during this time.

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards are scheduled to occur at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 7th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (5:00 PM Pacific Time), immediately following the CBS broadcast of the New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles game. The ceremony will be televised on CBS and also available for live streaming on Paramount +.