The most highly anticipated matchups to keep an eye on at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards.

The most highly anticipated matchups to keep an eye on at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards.

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards guarantee recognition for the top performers in film and television of the year.Barbenheimer, “Succession,” “The Crown” and Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” movie are just a few standouts that earned big nominations. With the expected celebration comes the possibility of a fresh start for the Globes, an awards ceremony trying to rebuild its image in the wake of controversy that prompted

a complete revamp of alterations

Understanding the performance and functioning of the show.

After decades, the Golden Globe Awards will take place for the first time.

The event will be televised in real time on CBS.

On January 7th (Sunday), the comedian will be performing from 8-11 pm ET (5-8 pm PT).

Jo Koy serving as the host

The event will also be streamable on Paramount+, Showtime, and the CBS app. CBS’s parent company is Paramount Global.

The network shift followed an end to NBC’s longstanding partnership with the Golden Globes, after the show faced widespread criticism and boycotts over allegations of racism and corruption within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that ran the Globes for decades and voted annually to select nominees and winners.

the awards show. 

Aramide Tinubu, a TV critic for Variety who has covered film in the past, expressed her curiosity about the tone of the awards show. She wonders if the Globes will maintain their lively and unpredictable nature or if there will be a shift towards a more serious and formal atmosphere.

The Golden Globes events have traditionally been referred to as the “ultimate party” in Hollywood, marking the start of awards season. The nominations and winners, which have been known to be quite unpredictable, have set this ceremony apart from others leading up to the Oscars. With new leaders, voters, and two additional categories, the results of each competition are even more uncertain. Let’s take a look at the most anticipated races.

Best motion picture 

Two separate categories each have two winners for the best motion picture award.

The Golden Globes, which take place in March, differ from the Oscars by dividing its top film contenders into two groups: one for musical or comedy films, and one for dramas. This allows for a more diverse range of films to be recognized.Barbenheimer

The competition that sparked a cultural phenomenon during the summer may not be the main focus on Sunday, but it could become more significant later in the awards season when the popular movies are able to vie for top recognition.

Still, Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”

In the category of musicals or comedies, and is about the
atomic bomb

“Oppenheimer” by Christopher Nolan is a drama that explores the creation of the atomic bomb.

The nominations for the Globes are heavily influenced by “Barbie” with nine nods and “Oppenheimer” with eight. The results of their wins will be a key highlight of the evening.

Besides its commercial triumph and positive reception, “Barbie” sparked a popular obsession with the color pink that temporarily swept the globe. Other nominees for the top musical or comedy movie include Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things,” Cord Jefferson’s “American Fiction,” Alexander Payne’s “The Holdovers,” Todd Haynes’ “May December,” and Ben Affleck’s “Air.”

Film Barbenheimer
Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” were the films of the summer, with the Barbenheimer phenomenon born out of their dueling popularity. Both movies are neck-and-neck as contenders at the 2024 Golden Globes.

Chris Pizzello / AP

The film “Oppenheimer,” a somber tale set during WWII, was a major box office success, much like “Barbie.” It is vying for the top prize in the drama category, alongside other highly-acclaimed films such as Martin Scorcese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon,” Bradley Cooper’s “Maestro,” Celine Song’s “Past Lives,” Jonathan Glazer’s “The Zone of Interest,” and Justine Triet’s “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Tinubu suggests that “Barbie” may win more awards than “Oppenheimer” due to the immense popularity of Gerwig’s film. The two movies will be competing in different categories for the top film awards at the Globes, which could potentially work in favor of “Barbie.”

Tinubu mentioned that it may be difficult to choose ‘Oppenheimer’ for a drama, as it is competing with ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, ‘Maestro’, and ‘Past Lives’. However, ‘Barbie’ may have an advantage over ‘Poor Things’, ‘American Fiction’, and ‘May December’ due to its popularity and recognition. Despite the excellence of ‘American Fiction’ and ‘Poor Things’, ‘Barbie’ may come out on top in that category.

Success in the film industry and at the box office.

The Golden Globes introduced two new awards this year: one for excellence in film and box office success, and another for outstanding performance in TV stand-up comedy.

According to a statement from the awards show, the initial selection will acknowledge films with significant worldwide popularity and exceptional creative quality, in terms of earnings and views.

“Barbie” appears to be the frontrunner for the prize in this category, as the film received a lot of attention and grossed $1.4 billion in ticket sales, making it one of the top 15 highest-grossing films of all time in both the U.S. and worldwide. However, due to a successful box office year that almost reached pre-pandemic levels, there are other strong competitors in the running as well.

FILE PHOTO: Photocall for the upcoming Warner Bros movie "Barbie," in Los Angeles

Margot Robbie, known for her role in “Barbie,” poses for photos at a press event for the movie in Los Angeles on June 25, 2023.


Both “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” earned hundreds of millions during their opening weekend battle in July. “Barbie,” with a slight advantage, ended up being the top-grossing movie of the year, according to Box Office Mojo. “Oppenheimer” closely followed in third place on the worldwide box office rankings, only behind “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” which was nearly on par with “Barbie.”

“Thor: Love and Thunder”

The movie adaptation of Nintendo’s well-known video game series has been nominated for the prestigious film and box office excellence award, along with Barbenheimer. It is in the company of other top-grossing films from last year, including “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” “John Wick: Chapter 4,” “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1,” and “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

“The Eras Tour featuring Taylor Swift” round out this category.  

Taylor Swift

On May 5, 2023, Taylor Swift takes the stage in Nashville, Tennessee for “The Eras Tour”.

The author of this piece is George Walker IV, as listed by AP.

Swift’s concert film

The film has the potential to rival “Barbie” in terms of success. It chronicles her “Eras Tour,” a highly popular global concert series that has attracted millions of fans to stadiums on five different continents. This includes a stop in Seattle where a large crowd of enthusiastic Swifties gathered.

resulted in small earthquakes

The tour made history by being the first to earn over $1 billion in revenue. The Federal Reserve even acknowledged its role in boosting the economy.

2023’s most-streamed female artist

The “Eras Tour” featuring Taylor Swift broke box office records within two months of its release, making it the most recent film to receive this award. It was distributed by AMC Theaters and has been hailed as the top-grossing concert movie of all time. The “Eras Tour,” both as a live concert and a film, was a significant cultural event in 2023. In December, Swift was recognized as the most streamed artist on Spotify and the most streamed female artist of 2023.

The individual chosen by TIME Magazine as the “Person of the Year.”.

Best TV drama series

The competition for the top television drama series at the Golden Globe Awards may be fierce, with established veterans facing off against promising newcomers who garnered attention with their 2023 releases.

The television show “Succession,” which follows a dysfunctional family’s media empire, is a top contender in this category. The show has won six Golden Globes and been nominated 18 times, winning twice for best television drama. It is returning for its final season and the question remains if the hype surrounding it will result in another awards show sweep. “Succession” currently has the most nominations for the Golden Globes with nine and is also leading the nominations for the upcoming Emmy Awards the following week.


The HBO show “Succession,” starring Brian Cox, received nine Golden Globe nominations across various categories. It is a satire about a powerful media family dynasty.

David Russell/HBO

“The Crown,” a highly praised series about a wealthy and often turbulent family, is also a top contender for the best drama award, competing against “Succession.” It has been nominated 23 times and won seven times at the Globes, and has won in the same category as “Succession” twice. This is the first time both series have been nominated together.

“The Morning Show,” a show that has been nominated for nine Golden Globes and received nominations in this category for all three of its seasons, will once again compete for the award. It will be joined by “The Last of Us,” “The Diplomat,” and “1923,” all of which premiered last year to great acclaim.

The Last of Us

On April 28, 2023, Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, who both star in “The Last of Us,” are present at an event for the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles.

The image was captured by a photographer from FilmMagic for HBO via Getty Images.

Tinubu stated that predicting the winner of this race would be difficult due to the impressive histories of “Succession” and “The Crown”, as well as the potential of “The Last of Us”, HBO’s adaptation of a popular video game which received high ratings and positive reviews. She anticipates that one of these three nominees will take home the prize this year.

Best director

Despite a few exceptions, the number of successful movies directed by women remains significantly low compared to those directed by men. According to a recent study by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, only 9% of the highest-grossing films in 2022 were directed by women. This is an improvement from 2007, when only 2.7% of the top films were directed by women, but still shows a lack of representation for female directors in the film industry.

part of the reason for the enduring popularity of “Barbie” was its historical success.headed by Gerwig

Achieved ticket sales of over $1 billion

Gerwig, known for her previous directing work on “Lady Bird” and “Little Women,” has once again received acclaim. However, this is her first nomination in the director’s category at the Globes. Another woman, Celine Song, has also been nominated in the same category this year. Song, a South Korean-Canadian playwright, made her directorial debut with the highly-regarded film “Past Lives” at a festival.

They are competing against Martin Scorcese, who has been nominated 10 times and won 3 times in this category, for his film “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Christopher Nolan, a three-time nominee, is also a contender with his film “Oppenheimer.” Bradley Cooper, who was previously nominated in 2019 for “A Star is Born” and is now nominated for “Maestro,” is making his return to the category as a director. Yorgos Lanthimos, best known for his acclaimed dark comedies “The Lobster” and “The Favourite,” received his first nomination in this category for “Poor Things.”


Bradley Cooper portrays Leonard Bernstein in the film “Maestro.”

Jason McDonald/Netflix © 2023

Tinubu expressed surprise at the possibility of Christopher Nolan or Martin Scorcese receiving any awards, as it would be expected. She acknowledged the trend of women directors being ignored in Hollywood awards and speculated that Greta Gerwig could potentially win if Bradley Cooper, who she believed was unfairly overlooked for his work on “A Star Is Born,” did not receive the prize.

She expressed her desire for Celine Song to win for her work on “Past Lives,” which she believes is also outstanding. She also admires “Poor Things” and the director’s distinct vision, but wonders if it will be overshadowed by the popularity of “Barbie.”