The social media accounts of the Vallejo Police Department have been flooded with hateful and angry comments regarding the Netflix documentary "American Nightmare."

The social media accounts of the Vallejo Police Department have been flooded with hateful and angry comments regarding the Netflix documentary “American Nightmare.”

PIX Now morning edition 1-28-24

PIX Now morning edition 1-28-24


The social media accounts of the Vallejo Police Department have received an influx of critical remarks from individuals across the nation following the recent debut of a Netflix documentary detailing a mishandled kidnapping investigation.

The film “American Nightmare” was released on January 17 and delves into the infamous “Gone Girl” incident involving a couple on Mare Island in Vallejo who were victimized by a kidnapper and rapist.

On March 23, 2015, Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn were awoken by a man who blindfolded and drugged them both. While Huskins was taken and sexually assaulted, Quinn faced difficulties in convincing the police of his story once he was able to contact them.

They faced legal action for their management of the situation in 2016.

The Netflix film featured footage provided by law enforcement officials and the FBI, as they shifted from questioning Quinn to accusing him of deceit. The main aggressor shown in the footage was Detective Mat Mustard, who was later awarded Officer of the Year by then-Chief Andrew Bidou.

Huskin’s mother, Jane Remmele, caused a great deal of anger when she shared a conversation she had with Mustard about her daughter’s past experience with sexual molestation. According to Remmele, Mustard claimed that women who have been abused will sometimes fabricate a repeat of the event in order to relive the excitement.

This profile is referenced in the book “Victim F: From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors” published in 2021 and written by Huskins and Quinn with Nicole Weisensee Egan.

Anger at officer

Most of the online criticism has been directed towards Mustard, particularly regarding the controversial “thrill” statement.

The department’s Facebook post on Saturday, posted before noon, discussed the 2023 crime and police call statistics. By Sunday evening, there were a total of 164 comments, with the majority focused solely on the kidnapping case.

A commenter from Canada stated that the Mustard is no longer safe to consume and should be discarded.

A woman from Massachusetts expressed that officers like this are the reason for lack of trust in law enforcement in our country.

“Will you be awarded Officer of the Year?” She inquired. “I hope that in the future, you are stripped of this title and any other accolades. May your own family betray you and may you spend the rest of your days in misery and isolation. And may Detective Mustard never have a daughter who experiences sexual assault, as we know she would be forced to suffer in silence.”

A commenter from Alabama inquired, “What is your experience with being publicly shamed and humiliated?” They continued, “It’s unpleasant when the situation is reversed, isn’t it? Even a serial rapist expressed more compassion for the victim than your police department did. Take a moment to reflect on that.”

A commenter from Texas suggested using a candle stick in the library to fire Colonel Mustard. They also mentioned getting a CLUE.

Yelp page targeted

Yelp had to take down the Vallejo Police Department’s page because of “abnormal behavior” in the form of a large number of reviews. The site wanted to review these reviews to ensure they were based on real customer experiences rather than recent events.

As of Sunday evening, a petition has garnered 2,261 signatures out of the 2,500 goal to have Mustard removed from the force. However, the petition mistakenly refers to him as the “head of the Vallejo Police Department.”

The present leader of the Vallejo Department is Acting Chief Jason Ta, and Mustard has never held the position of chief.

The Vallejo Police Department has chosen not to make any statements regarding the Netflix documentary or its consequences.

As for Muller,

In 2022, he received a prison sentence of 31 years.