Tips from a professional matchmaker on updating your online dating profile in 2024

Tips from a professional matchmaker on updating your online dating profile in 2024

During the holiday season, when Hallmark holiday movies and joyful spirits are plentiful, singles may feel more lonely. However, experts have discovered that December, typically associated with couples and family gatherings, is actually the ideal time for individuals to make new romantic connections.

According to Maria Avgitidis, the creator of Agape Matchmaking and a skilled matchmaker, the month is typically overshadowed by the busy holiday season, but it is actually a great time to revitalize your dating experiences.

According to Avgitidis, December is the ideal month to make new acquaintances due to the abundance of events taking place. These events include holiday gatherings, workplace functions, and birthday celebrations.

Although holiday movies often depict singles as being alone, the truth is quite different. Avgitidis notes that the holiday season, contrary to popular belief, is not a popular time for breakups. That title belongs to Halloween.

“According to Avgitidis, they are known as the ‘Halloweenies.’ After Halloween, there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s.”

Exploring the realm of dating while blindfolded, in the dark.

According to Eventbrite, a website for events and tickets, there has been a notable rise in searches for dating events on December 30th and 31st. In particular, there has been a 230% increase in attendance at interactive game dating events, with blindfold dating and meditation dating being the most popular choices.

“We are finally having an in-person meeting. A new generation is entering the dating scene and they are eager for that connection. Eventbrite has provided the opportunity to meet people in person, without being solely focused on the outcome, but rather wanting to have a positive experience,” Avgitidis stated.

According to Avgitidis, popular dating shows such as Netflix’s “Love is Blind” have sparked the trend of blindfolded dating. This trend allows individuals to be vulnerable and intimate without feeling tied to the outcome.

Blindfold dating events offer a fresh way to meet people, focusing on the experience rather than the outcome. 


Valuable advice: Transform your online dating profile for a meaningful relationship in the New Year.

If you choose to swipe for love, Avgitidis recommends updating your online dating profile before New Year’s. Make sure to have a clear, smiling headshot as your first photo, followed by a full-body picture. It’s important to use profile prompts to effectively showcase your personality and interests, according to Avgitidis.



Poorly lit and hazy photographs, group shots that make it challenging to determine the profile owner. Excessive use of common phrases in the biography section, sparse personal details. A combination of subpar visuals, including unattractive backgrounds, and limited information in the bio.

Maria Avgitidis is the CEO of Agape Matchmaking.



The main photo now showcases a vibrant and distinct headshot, while the following full-body image highlights the individual’s interests and hobbies. Instead of clichés, the profile presents authentic details about the person’s character and hobbies, providing an interesting conversation starter. The revamped profile boasts high-quality images captured in captivating settings, accompanied by a bio that effectively balances humor and sincerity.

Maria Avgitidis is the Chief Executive Officer of Agape Matchmaking.

According to a survey, men prefer women who take the initiative in dating.

According to Avgitidis, the true game-changing factor is the way dates are initiated. The traditional expectation for men to make the first move is no longer relevant, as women are now empowered to take charge in the dating world. In fact, a survey revealed that 84% of men actually appreciate when women initiate dates.

Avgitidis promotes a simple and relaxed attitude, especially in the context of online dating.

You express interest in meeting in person by saying, “Hey, you seem like a cool person. How about we meet up? I am free on Tuesday and Thursday.” If they agree and say, “Me too,” you respond with, “That’s great! I live in the Upper West Side so I can assist with planning.”