Tyler Perry talks about his latest documentary, "Maxine's Baby," and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Tyler Perry talks about his latest documentary, “Maxine’s Baby,” and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

On Tuesday, Tyler Perry appeared on the set of “CBS Mornings” to discuss the documentary “Maxine’s Baby,” which was created by his partner Gelila Bekele and delves into his life.

Perry said that he had no creative control over the documentary, which was an unusual position for the actor, producer, director and media mogul. He said that cameras followed him for 10 years to make the film.

Perry stated that he is not recounting a fictional tale, but rather sharing his personal experiences. He expressed his desire for the challenges and successes depicted in the movie to motivate others. He concluded by saying that if this goal is achieved, then the effort put into making the film was worthwhile.

Maxine, who passed away in 2009 after a lengthy illness, was the inspiration for Perry’s success as a multi-faceted celebrity.

“I focused all of my efforts on her. My goal was always to earn enough money to provide for her, to afford her medication, and to ensure that we never faced financial struggles again,” stated Perry. “No matter how much I earned, it never felt like it was sufficient.”

After the passing of his mother, Perry expressed that he felt like he had lost everything and it took him a while to find the drive to move forward.

Perry expressed that his motivation has shifted to seeing more diverse and underrepresented individuals entering the entertainment industry, comparing it to a car switching from gasoline to diesel. This new source of inspiration keeps him driven to continue his work.

class and “Hello, World!”

Perry was referring to the class named after himself and the phrase “Hello, World!”Tyler Perry Studios

Perry is the first Black individual to independently own a major film studio, which is located on 330 acres of land in Atlanta. This studio, according to previous reports from CBS News, is the largest in the nation.

Perry, who has experience as both a studio owner and an actor, offers a distinctive viewpoint on the current SAG-AFTRA strikes. He made the decision to shut down his studios in support of the unions and now organizes food drives and fundraisers at the location. However, he also expressed that the extended period of not being able to work has had a negative impact on him.

During our discussions and negotiations, it is crucial that we acknowledge the efforts of Fran Drescher, Duncan Ireland, and the entire negotiating team at SAG-AFTRA for their outstanding progress. However, we must also be mindful of our victories. This is a three-year agreement and in two or two-and-a-half years, we will be renegotiating again. Therefore, it is important to understand what we have achieved thus far and for the present moment. Trying to attain everything at once in my business would not have brought me this far. I have obtained as much as I could for now, and let’s continue to strive for more in the future.


Source: cbsnews.com