Willie Nelson reveals his method for overcoming writer's block and his approach to crafting songs: "I never give up."

Willie Nelson reveals his method for overcoming writer’s block and his approach to crafting songs: “I never give up.”

Willie Nelson, a legendary figure in country music, is defying the limitations of age at 90 years old. Despite his advanced years, Nelson’s pioneering spirit in the music industry still enthralls listeners with his captivating storytelling and songwriting abilities.

Nelson’s latest publication, “Energy Follows Thought,” was published in October and explores the stories behind his many popular songs, while also sharing his artistic journey. He explains that his songwriting method is based on a natural process.

Nelson stated that they once wrote a piece that reads, “I am not eager to compose another song, but do not inform my mind of that.” They explained that their mind constantly generates words and they must ensure they rhyme.

Nelson’s inclusion in this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was yet another achievement. He shared the stage with renowned artists such as Chris Stapleton, Sheryl Crow, and Dave Matthews at the event.

“It was a tremendous privilege,” Nelson expressed. “While I can distinguish between the Rolling Stones and Hank Williams, ultimately it falls under the genre of rock and roll.”

Nelson began his career as a songwriter in Texas in 1961. He relocated to Nashville to market his music, and his big break came when Patsy Cline released one of his songs, “Crazy,” in 1961.

According to Nelson, she listened to “Crazy” and immediately fell in love with it. She then recorded it in just one take.

Despite his efforts, he faced difficulties in achieving success as a solo performer due to not conforming to the traditional Nashville image.

Nelson admitted to consuming an excessive amount of alcohol and having suicidal thoughts. In order to combat these negative feelings, he turned to optimistic thinking and eventually quit drinking completely.

Upon his return to Texas, Nelson transformed himself and fully embraced his persona as “The Red-Headed Stranger,” ultimately earning the title of America’s beloved outlaw musician.

At nearly 100 years old, Nelson’s enthusiasm for life goes beyond just music. He sticks to a daily regimen of practicing martial arts. While he first began with kung fu, he eventually transitioned to jiu-jitsu, judo, and taekwondo. As a result, Nelson has achieved a fifth-degree black belt.

According to Nelson, practicing martial arts boosts his self-assurance and alleviates any concerns he may have.

Nelson frequently incorporates humor about his age into his songwriting. He has previously expressed his belief in reincarnation, indicating a philosophical perspective that has influenced his long-lasting career.

“I refuse to accept that life ever truly ends,” he stated. “I’ll be back shortly.”

The 90th birthday celebration of Willie Nelson will be broadcasted on CBS this Sunday at 8:30 PM ET/PT and 7:30 PM CT. It will also be available for streaming on Paramount Plus. The new docuseries “Willie Nelson & Family” will start streaming on December 21st exclusively on Paramount Plus.


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