Yay for the iconic Hollywood sign!

! Yay for the iconic Hollywood sign!

At the time, it was unexpected that the situation would unfold as it did. In 1923, S.H. Woodruff and Tracy Shoults, real estate developers, faced an issue. The majority of Los Angeles residents were residing downtown, below Wilshire. This resulted in slow sales for their newly developed housing project located at the base of the Santa Monica mountains.

According to entrepreneur Jeff Zarrinnam, they had a concept: “They created a massive sign that read Hollywoodland. It was originally intended to be temporary, lasting around 18 months.”

A sign advertises the opening of the Hollywoodland housing development in the hills on Mulholland Drive overlooking Los Angeles, c. 1924. 

The images from Underwood Archives/Getty are available for viewing.

The duration of 18 months has extended to 100 years. This is a tale that only Hollywood could create, about a “temporary” advertisement for real estate that has now become one of the most recognizable images on Earth.


Source: cbsnews.com