FDA warns of contaminated copycat eye drops

FDA warns of contaminated copycat eye drops

The Food and Drug Administration is warning the public against copycat eye drops because of the risk of infection.

South Moon, Rebright and FivFivGo eye drops are offered in packaging that could easily be mistaken for Bausch + Lomb’s Limify brand eye drops, an over-the-counter product approved for redness relief, the FDA said on Wednesday.

The copycat products claim to address conditions like glaucoma, which is treated with prescription drugs or surgery, the agency noted. 

Photo of South Moon copycat eye drop product.

Food and Drug Administration

The FDA tested samples of South Moon and Rebright eye drops purchased online, finding the former to be tainted with burkholderia cepacia complex, a group of bacteria that could cause an antibiotic-resistant infection. While Rebright testing did not find contamination, the agency advised against its use.

28 products were pulled from store shelves due to safety concerns prompted by investigators finding unsanitary conditions at a manufacturing facility in India. That November recall was one of eight separate announcement related to eye drops last year. 

The spate of recalls involving eye drop products last year were linked to four deaths and multiple cases of vision loss.

Kate Gibson

Source: cbsnews.com