How Ozempic, other weight-loss drugs are "changing medicine"

How Ozempic, other weight-loss drugs are “changing medicine”

Forty-four-year-old LaQuita Clark says memories of being overweight – and ridiculed – go back to middle school. “I remember sitting on the school steps with a group of my friends, and just a group of other kids walking by: ‘Oh my God, you’re so fat!’ It was very hurtful.”

Over the years, Clark, a nurse in Nashville, Tennessee, tried everything from fad dieting to kickboxing. Nothing worked. “It was almost like torture, because of that relationship that I had with the food, these are things that I love,” she said. “I’m eating things that I love, and it’s giving me comfort at the moment. So, why change that?”

But last June, everything changed when, diagnosed as prediabetic, Clark was prescribed Ozempic. With one small injection a week, her health improved – and something else happened.

Susan Spencer