A Brazilian delivery driver is being hailed as a "true Irish hero" for his brave actions during a knife attack in Dublin.

A Brazilian delivery driver is being hailed as a “true Irish hero” for his brave actions during a knife attack in Dublin.

A delivery driver from Brazil has been praised as a hero for assisting in the apprehension of a suspect who was wielding a knife and believed to have attacked children outside an Irish school. He stated to AFP on Saturday that he reacted “as any parent would.”

violence in the city.

A five-year-old girl was seriously injured and is currently hospitalized after being involved in a stabbing incident that triggered a night of extreme violence in the city. in 2020

In 2020, there were riots in Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

For almost 20 years.

Officials claim that unsubstantiated rumors spreading on online platforms about the stabbings being committed by an “undocumented immigrant” ultimately incited the chaos, resulting in the burning of vehicles and looting of stores.

Flames rise from the car and a bus, set alight at the junction of Bachelors Walk and the O’Connell Bridge, in Dublin on November 23, 2023, as people took to the streets following the stabbings earlier in the day. 

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Caio Benicio, an employee of the Deliveroo food delivery app, used his motorcycle helmet to intervene when an unidentified individual was reportedly attacking three children and a woman with a knife.

On Friday, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France.

Benicio restated on Saturday that the demonstration by approximately 500 individuals, which officials have confirmed was incited by far-right instigators, is illogical.

“The demonstration is targeting immigrants, but ironically, I am an immigrant as well and I was the one who provided assistance,” he stated. “Regardless, I believe it was a small faction of individuals who are unaware of the consequences of their actions and are fighting for a cause they don’t fully understand.”

During his stay in Ireland, Benicio mentioned that he had been treated with great kindness and friendliness by the Irish people.

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