According to a recent poll by CBS News, Donald Trump holds a significant lead over Nikki Haley among South Carolina Republicans in the 2024 primary.

According to a recent poll by CBS News, Donald Trump holds a significant lead over Nikki Haley among South Carolina Republicans in the 2024 primary.

Not all politics is limited to a local scale.

In the 2024 Republican primary election in South Carolina, the majority of voters have a positive view of Nikki Haley’s tenure as governor. However, they also indicate that her state of origin is not a determining factor in their decision, as they are primarily considering the national implications of the party’s nomination.

Due to numerous factors, including his popularity within the Republican party on a national level, Donald Trump holds a significant advantage in this situation.

In other states, the majority also view Trump as “ready” and a “powerful leader,” and in addition to that, “resilient.” This is not as commonly said about Haley, although she is viewed favorably for being “pleasant.”



However, a significant portion of Haley’s campaign arguments are not gaining traction. The majority of Trump supporters do not view his legal battles as a factor in potentially choosing Haley over him.

2018, 59% of Americans believe that the current president should be

According to a 2018 CBS News poll, 59% of Americans think that the current president should remain in office.Iowa and New Hampshire

In this area, a greater number of voters believe that Trump is capable of being president even if he is found guilty, compared to those who do not.



Many do not view criticisms of Trump’s cognitive abilities as just.



Voters also see Trump as more likely to defeat Joe Biden. (This also appears to be comparable to voter opinions.)nationally.)


In the future, voters believe that Trump’s proposed policies are more likely to be successful. They feel that they would benefit financially by choosing him over Haley. While both candidates are perceived to improve border security, the majority believes that Trump would be more effective. Additionally, a larger number of voters trust Trump to limit the involvement of the U.S. military in foreign affairs. (This is a major factor in their decision to vote for him.)




The religious makeup of South Carolina’s voters is beneficial for Trump. These individuals have always been a loyal part of his support base and he easily secures their support. This is evident in their stance on abortion, with more individuals trusting Trump to support a national ban compared to Haley.

Ultimately, this decision does not appear to be based on which candidate aligns more with the party’s “establishment” or who is challenging it. this

Although there has been some talk during the campaign about this matter. those themes. Both Haley and Trump are seen as “part of the Republican establishment.” That’s especially true for Haley, but about six in 10 also describe Trump this way. And those saying so of Trump by and large think of it as positive.

The survey conducted by CBS News and YouGov included 1,483 registered voters in South Carolina from February 5-10, 2024. This sample also included 1,004 likely Republican primary voters. The sample was adjusted for gender, age, race, education, and geographic region based on the U.S. Census Current Population Survey and past voting patterns. The margin of error for the overall sample is ±3.0 points and ±4.4 points for likely Republican primary voters.