According to authorities, the number of fatalities has increased to 10 following a devastating fire in the southern city of Valencia, Spain.

According to authorities, the number of fatalities has increased to 10 following a devastating fire in the southern city of Valencia, Spain.

The number of fatalities from a destructive fire that burned two residential buildings in Valencia has increased to 10 as officials confirmed the discovery of the remains of the final missing individual.

The national government delegate in Valencia, Pilar Bernabé, informed journalists that the 10th victim was discovered by forensic police inside the burnt building. She stated that the police will conduct DNA testing to verify the identities of all the victims.

Although there were no additional reports of missing individuals, Bernabé emphasized that the police and firefighters would persist in the challenging task of sifting through the rubble to search for any potential victims.

A catastrophic event occurred at Grenfell Tower in London. The fire that broke out in the 24-story building caused the death of 72 individuals. The flames quickly spread due to the flammable cladding on the exterior walls of the block.

The final report from the public inquiry on the London disaster has not been released yet, but it has already uncovered evidence that certain companies involved in the production of cladding for Grenfell Tower continued to promote their products as safe, despite some employees being aware of their flammability.

The United Kingdom is dealing with a housing shortage following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

One of the companies involved was Arconic, an American corporation that produced the cladding used on Grenfell Tower through a French branch.

The British inquiry revealed that emails were exchanged, indicating that certain Arconic employees were aware of the fire hazard caused by the cladding used on Grenfell. However, the company still chose to sell it.


stated shortly following the fire

The company has decided to discontinue the production of its Reynobond PE panels for use in high-rise buildings, citing concerns about the lack of control over their installation on different structures.

The company stated in a 2017 news release that cladding systems consist of different elements chosen and assembled by architects, contractors, fabricators, and building owners. These parties are accountable for ensuring that the cladding systems meet the necessary codes and regulations.

The manufacturer of the cladding used on the Spanish apartment building was not immediately identifiable.

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On Friday, February 23, 2024, firefighters in Valencia, Spain, retrieved a burnt body from a block building that had caught fire. The firefighters and scientific police then proceeded to examine the inside of two residential towers in Valencia that were completely destroyed by the fire.

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