According to him, he is not actively seeking support for his campaign, then what is the purpose of Joe Manchin's presence in New Hampshire?

According to him, he is not actively seeking support for his campaign, then what is the purpose of Joe Manchin’s presence in New Hampshire?

Manchester, New Hampshire — It’s presidential primary season, and less than two weeks before the New Hampshire primary, while politicians are trekking across the state asking for votes, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is here, too. 

He’s not on either major party’s primary ballot, but he’s not exactly

Declaring not to run for the position of president.

He was in Manchester on Friday engaging with voters.

Manchin, a long-standing Democrat from West Virginia, spoke to a group of donors and political figures at St. Anselm College. He stated that he is not campaigning, but rather expressing his concern for the country, just like his audience. He also mentioned his commitment to do whatever is necessary to protect the nation, regardless of where his future may lead him.

He has announced that he will not be running for re-election to his position in the Senate and instead will be embarking on a nationwide “listening tour” in New Hampshire, accompanied by his daughter, Heather Manchin Bresch.

Establish their moderate political faction.

The initiative, Americans Together, seeks to encourage prominent political contributors to support candidates and policies with more moderate views.

He said he’d consider a third-party run

If both President Biden and former President Donald Trump are chosen as the nominees for their parties in the presidential race. When someone at St. Anselm asked Manchin who he would support in a potential rematch in 2020, Manchin replied, “That is a challenging question.”

Politics & Eggs With Senator Joe Manchin

On Friday, January 12, 2024, Senator Joe Manchin will be speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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According to Manchin, it is crucial to consider the qualities of a candidate when making a decision, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with them, supports or has not supported them, or shares the same political party. Simply voting along party lines is not a valid reason. Instead, one should vote for the most qualified person to lead the country.

A man inquired, “What would be your reaction if a group of Democrats from New Hampshire wrote in ‘Joe’ – not referring to Biden, but to Joe Manchin?”

“I cannot stop you from doing whatever you desire,” responded Manchin, earning a round of approval from the audience filled with donors.

He gave limited information to journalists regarding the upcoming destinations for his listening tour, stating, “I need to consult with my daughter, as I still have work to attend to. She informs me when I am able to travel according to my schedule.”

It appeared as though he was creating distance between himself and others.No Labels

The nonpartisan organization is striving to include a potential independent candidate on the voting ballot for the upcoming November election, while also promoting the business venture of his daughter.

“I continue to have faith in the value of attempting to reach a compromise and providing you with a platform,” stated Manchin. He also mentioned, “Americans Together has taken the lead. We are distinct and have no affiliation whatsoever.” He further added, “I am unsure of whether or not it will have an effect, but we will see. This is not a short-term solution.”

“I believe it is commendable that they are attempting to offer a choice,” Manchin stated during a conversation with journalists following his comments. He expressed his view that No Labels, or any other organization, would need to begin their campaign with a designated candidate by Super Tuesday on March 5th.

Senator Joe Manchin has not eliminated the possibility of running for the White House in 2024.

Manchin’s tour to gather feedback was not without any excitement.

Manchin was welcomed by a small group of New Hampshire voters and a few college students from Minnesota, who are temporarily residing in New Hampshire for the state’s primary on Jan. 23, at his second stop, a diner in Derry.

As he started addressing the small group in a rear room, he was overwhelmed by activists from Climate Defiance, who staged a protest at both of Manchin’s events today.

The police stepped in when a large group of demonstrators entered the event area, shouting “Manchin, get off fossil fuels!” After a short time, they were escorted out of the room.

Manchin, who grew up in a coal-mining town in West Virginia, has

I advocated for the ongoing expansion of oil pipelines and the growth of the energy industry.

in the United States

In August, Manchin and his daughter revealed the establishment of Americans Together. The group was envisioned as a moderate political organization focused on reducing government expenditures, increasing domestic energy output, strengthening border protection, and combatting crime.

Manchin Bresch, the first woman to run a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, stepped down as CEO of Mylan, the maker of EpiPen, in 2020. She told the Wall Street Journal in August that Americans Together would be a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which means that it is not required to disclose its donors.

Reporting was done by Hunter Woodall and Ed O’Keefe.