According to House Republicans, Hunter Biden is scheduled to give a deposition on February 28th.

According to House Republicans, Hunter Biden is scheduled to give a deposition on February 28th.

Republicans announced on Thursday that Hunter Biden will give testimony in a private session on February 28th to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. This announcement appears to have resolved a disagreement regarding the matter.

He was requested to provide testimony.

The situation had quickly become more intense in the past few weeks.

According to the chairmen of the committees, Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan, they anticipate that Hunter Biden’s testimony will take place following multiple interviews with members and associates of the Biden family.

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Both committees had two members.approved contempt of Congress resolutions

The GOP has initiated legal action against President Biden’s son for his past refusal to cooperate with congressional subpoenas for private testimony during the party’s impeachment investigation of the president.

Last week, there was a sudden unexpected appearance at the hearing of the Oversight Committee, during which legislators discussed the resolution of contempt.

According to Comer, Hunter Biden’s deliberate decision to not cooperate with the committee’s subpoenas is a violation of the law. This behavior demonstrates contempt towards Congress and should be reported to the appropriate United States Attorney’s Office for legal action.

Upon departure from the meeting, Abbe Lowell, the lawyer representing Hunter Biden, stated, “The Republican party has attempted to utilize him as a substitute in their attacks on his father.”

“And, despite their improper partisan motives, on six occasions — from February to today — we have offered to work with the House committees to see what and how relevant information to any legitimate inquiry could be provided,” Lowell told reporters. 

Reporting was contributed by Melissa Quinn.

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