According to officials, there were a minimum of five Iranian advisors who lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital.

According to officials, there were a minimum of five Iranian advisors who lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian capital.

Syrian and Iranian officials have reported that an airstrike carried out by Israel on Saturday in Damascus resulted in the demolition of a structure utilized by the Iranian paramilitary group, the Revolutionary Guard. The attack resulted in the deaths of at least five Iranian individuals.

The Syrian and Iranian state media both reported on the strike.

Golan Heights

The government forces of Syria reported that the structure located in the heavily secured Mazzeh district of western Damascus was completely demolished. They also stated that the missiles were launched by the Israeli air force while flying above the Golan Heights, which is under Israeli control.Golan Heights
The Israeli army did not provide a statement.

Caused the death of over 90 individuals.

Police and military personnel were stationed around the collapsed four-story structure while emergency vehicles were observed in the vicinity. Efforts were being made to locate any individuals who may be trapped under the debris. Nearby buildings also sustained damage with shattered windows.


On January 20, 2024, a group of individuals and rescue workers convened at a building that had been demolished in an alleged attack by Israel in Damascus.

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A nearby store owner reported hearing five successive blasts around 10:15 a.m. during the strike. They also mentioned seeing the removal of two deceased individuals (a man and a woman) and three injured individuals.

The store trembled. After a brief moment, I exited and noticed smoke emanating from the back of the mosque,” said the anonymous man in an interview with The Associated Press, citing concerns for his safety.

Khaled Mawed, who resides in the vicinity, described the experience as horrifying. He stated, “I suddenly collapsed.”

The strike occurred during

escalating conflicts in the area

As Israel continues to move forward with its efforts to…offensive in Gaza. Israel’s assault there, one of the deadliest and most destructive military campaigns

According to Gaza health authorities, in the recent past, approximately 25,000 Palestinians have lost their lives and over 80% of the territory’s 2.3 million residents have been displaced from their homes due to the destructive actions.

An unprecedented attack crossing over the border into Israel.

In October of 7th, Hamas committed an attack resulting in the death of 1,200 individuals and the capture of around 250 others. 130 hostages

Israel believes that there are still people being held captive by Hamas. This war has caused tensions in the surrounding area and there is a risk of it escalating into other conflicts.

In the previous month, a suburb of Damascus was hit by an airstrike conducted by Israel, resulting in the death of Iranian general Seyed Razi Mousavi. He was a long-standing advisor of the Iranian paramilitary Revolutionary Guard in Syria. Additionally, Israel has also attacked operatives from Palestine and Lebanon within Syria.over the past years.

An Israeli attack in Syria results in the death of an Iranian commander from the Revolutionary Guard, intensifying the ongoing conflict in the region.

For a while, Iranian and Syrian authorities have admitted that Iran has advisors and military specialists in Syria, but they have denied the presence of any troops on the ground. Many soldiers from groups supported by Iran joined in the conflict in Syria that began in March 2011, ultimately leading to President Bashar Assad gaining an advantage.

In recent years, Israel has conducted numerous attacks on locations within Syria that are under government control, despite being a country ravaged by war.

Israel does not often admit to its actions in Syria, but it has confirmed that it attacks bases belonging to militant groups allied with Iran, such as Hezbollah from Lebanon. This group has dispatched numerous fighters to assist Syrian President Bashar Assad’s troops.

In the beginning of this month, Israel is reported to have conducted a strike.

Eliminated the leader of Hamas, Saleh Arouri. in Beirut.

Recently, there has been a series of rocket launches from Syria towards northern Israel and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. This has increased tensions along the border between Lebanon and Israel.attacks on ships

In the Red Sea near Yemen, there are Houthi rebels who are backed by Iran.