According to Ukraine, Russia has executed the largest air attack of the war.

According to Ukraine, Russia has executed the largest air attack of the war.

Officials announced on Friday that Russia attacked Ukrainian targets with 122 missiles and multiple drones in Kyiv, Ukraine. The air force official stated that this was the largest aerial attack of the war and resulted in the deaths of at least 22 civilians throughout the country.

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the military chief of Ukraine, reported that the Ukrainian air force successfully intercepted a majority of the ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as the Shahed-type drones, during the overnight hours.

The official Telegram channel of Air Force commander Mykola Oleshchuk reported that it was the largest air assault since Russia’s complete takeover in February 2022.

Aftermath of a Russian missile attack in Zaporizhzhia

On December 29, 2023, in Zaporizhzhia, police and military personnel transported the remains of a civilian who was killed by a Russian missile strike during the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


Based on records from the Ukrainian air force, the largest attack prior to this year occurred in November 2022 when Russia fired 96 missiles at Ukraine. However, the most recent attack on March 9 consisted of 81 missiles, according to the air force.

The counterattack was unsuccessful in achieving a notable advancement across the approximately 620-mile front.

Officials from Ukraine have called on their Western allies to supply them with additional air defense measures in order to defend against aerial assaults, such as the one that occurred on Friday. These pleas have emerged as indications of exhaustion from the ongoing conflict are putting pressure on efforts to maintain support.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba was among Ukrainian officials calling on Kyiv’s allies to step up their support Friday. “Today, millions of Ukrainians awoke to the loud sound of explosions. I wish those sounds of explosions in Ukraine could be heard all around the world,” Reuters quotes him as saying.

The military of Poland reported on Friday that an unidentified flying object entered the country’s airspace from Ukraine and then disappeared from radar.

The military’s Operational Command announced on social media site X (previously known as Twitter) that an unknown flying object entered the border with Ukraine and was detected by the country’s air defense system radars until its signal disappeared.

Furthermore, it was reported that soldiers have been deployed to locate and retrieve the item.

The local government stated that the item entered the border close to the town of Hrubieszow.

There are currently no reports of any explosion or injuries.

The defense minister, military commanders, and leaders of national security organizations were summoned to a meeting by Prime Minister Donald Tusk. This was to be followed by a gathering of the National Security Bureau.

The border between Poland and Ukraine serves as the border for both the European Union and NATO.