After ruling for 52 years, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark will step down from the throne.

After ruling for 52 years, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark will step down from the throne.

During her New Year’s Eve speech, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark revealed her intention to step down from the throne and pass the reigns to her son, Crown Prince Frederik.

The monarch announced her resignation date as January 14, coinciding with the 52nd anniversary of her ascension to the throne in 1972. Margrethe inherited the throne after her father, King Frederik IX, passed away. In February, she underwent a successful operation for her back.

She stated that the surgery prompted thoughts about the future and whether it was time to pass on the responsibility to the next generation.

On Sunday, the statement confirmed the news and expressed gratitude to the queen, referring to her as “the embodiment of Denmark.”

“In the upcoming year, Crown Prince Frederik will ascend to the throne as king. Crown Princess Mary will also take on the title of queen,” stated Frederiksen. “The kingdom will have a new ruler and a new royal duo. We can anticipate these changes with confidence, knowing that they are prepared for the duties and obligations.”

According to the Constitution of Denmark, the monarchy does not possess any political authority and is prohibited from participating in political parties.

Last year, Margarethe

Four of her eight grandchildren were stripped of their titles.

The palace stated that the decision to slim down their monarchies, following similar moves by other European royal families, was made in order to provide a more normal life for the four children of Prince Joachim, the queen’s youngest son. The titles of the queen’s four other grandchildren, who were born to Crown Prince Frederik, will be retained. However, when they reach adulthood, only Prince Christian, the future king, will receive an appanage. This decision was made in 2016.

Margarethe frequently strolled the roads of Copenhagen with little company and gained the appreciation of the Danish people for her friendly demeanor and her skills as a polyglot and artist.

As an avid skier, she joined a Danish female air force unit as a princess and participated in activities such as judo and snow endurance tests. Despite aging, Margrethe maintained her resilience. At 70 years old in 2011, she visited Danish soldiers in southern Afghanistan while dressed in a military jumpsuit.

As queen, she traveled extensively throughout the country, regularly visiting Greenland and the Faeroe Islands, which are semi-autonomous regions within the Danish Realm. She was warmly welcomed by crowds at every stop.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark

On November 06, 2023, Queen Margrethe of Denmark will be present at a formal dinner held at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This photograph was taken by Carlos Alvarez of Getty Images.