An individual believed to be armed takes hostages at a post office in Japan.

An individual believed to be armed takes hostages at a post office in Japan.

On Tuesday, officials reported that an individual believed to be armed has entered a post office in Japan and is holding an unspecified amount of individuals hostage. This incident occurred shortly after a potential shooting at a nearby hospital.

At around 2:15 pm today (0515 GMT), an individual has barricaded themselves and taken hostages at a post office in the Chuo 5-chome neighborhood of Warabi city… According to the city’s officials, the perpetrator is believed to be armed with a gun. The authorities have advised residents in the vicinity to comply with police instructions and evacuate as directed.

According to The Yomiuri newspaper, it is believed that approximately 10 employees of the post office are currently in the building. The newspaper also mentioned speculation that the individual may have brought kerosene with them, but did not provide any sources for this information.


On October 31, 2023, in Warabi city, Saitama prefecture, police officers were stationed around a post office due to a suspected gunman holding an undisclosed number of individuals hostage. STR/JIJI Press/AFP/Getty

According to TBS, authorities instructed 300 people living in the vicinity to leave their homes. Several police vehicles were seen surrounding the post office.

Japan is grieving the loss of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after his assassination at 02:18.


Tetsuya Yamagami, the alleged murderer.

According to reports, the politician was specifically targeted due to his connections to the Unification Church.

Throwing an explosive in the direction of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Kishida remained unharmed as he campaigned in the city of Wakayama.

The next month, a man barricaded himself in a building, reportedly.killing four people

The police arrested Masanori Aoki, 31, for a violent incident involving guns and knives that resulted in injuries to two officers and an elderly woman. He was apprehended at his residence located near Nakano in the Nagano area.