Armita Geravand, a teenager from Iran, reportedly passed away after being assaulted by police for violating the country's strict dress code.

Armita Geravand, a teenager from Iran, reportedly passed away after being assaulted by police for violating the country’s strict dress code.

Tehran – Iranian teen girl Armita Geravand

According to reports from Iranian media, a person who was reportedly attacked by law enforcement officers on a subway train in Tehran for violating the country’s strict clothing regulations has passed away at a military hospital.

According to the Borna news agency, the AFP reported that she passed away following extensive medical care and 28 days of being hospitalized. Her father was mentioned as the source of this information.said last week

His daughter was deemed “likely brain-dead,” leaving no chance for her to recover.

heart attack.

Different and opposing information has emerged about the event, with Iranian authorities claiming that the teenager’s collapse and subsequent coma were caused by a medical issue. The girl’s parents have stated that she was not physically harmed and that she suffered a sudden heart attack.

Decrease in her blood pressure.

Her head hit the metro doors after she fell, while her friends and witnesses had a different account of the incident.

A woman who was part of a group called Guardians of Hijab, which enforces the strict female dress code in the Islamic Republic, was reprimanded.

According to reports, the guard allegedly physically assaulted and shoved the teenager into the doors of the subway car, causing her to lose consciousness. Unclear video footage from the incident depicts Geravand entering a subway car with two friends, and later, those friends and two other women escorting her off the car onto a different platform.

Iranian police

In the year 2022, a woman named Mahsa Amini, aged 22, passed away while in the custody of the Iranian police.Irandeath has been

The Morality Police of Iran. Officials from Iran claimed that she passed away due to a heart attack, however, there has been controversy surrounding her death.

CBS News was informed by the family.

The police fatally assaulted her following her arrest for wearing her hijab head covering incorrectly.

protests and calls for justice

The passing of Amini caused widespread shock and sparked an unparalleled surge of demonstrations against the government, demanding for accountability.proteststhe government’s decision to fire

The protests rapidly gained momentum, largely due to the government’s choice to terminate employees.young women

Advocating for fundamental rights. They popularized the chant “Women, Life, Freedom” globally.

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