Biden expressed his wish for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas by Monday.

Biden expressed his wish for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas by Monday.

On Monday, President Biden announced that Israel and Hamas are close to reaching a deal for a cease-fire in Gaza.

“My national security advisor has informed me that we are nearing the end, but it is not quite finished yet. I am hopeful that by next Monday, we will have successfully implemented a cease-fire,” stated President Biden while speaking to journalists during a visit to New York City.

Mr. Biden said

Earlier this month, it was reported that the United States was working towards a hostage deal between Israel and Hamas. The deal would aim to temporarily stop the ongoing conflict in Gaza for a minimum of six weeks. The goal is to achieve a period of peace that would allow for the development of a more lasting solution.

The military actions in Gaza were excessive.

In the beginning of February, as Israel was getting ready for a military action in Rafah, a city located close to the border of Egypt where it is believed that over one million Palestinians who were displaced from other areas in Gaza have sought shelter, Mr. Biden cautioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against moving forward without a trustworthy strategy to protect the individuals seeking refuge there.


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On Sunday, it was announced that the Rafah operation would be postponed due to a hostage agreement. with the controversial plan to annex parts of the West Bank, despite facing backlash from the international community

Despite facing criticism from the global community, Israel remains committed to proceeding with its contentious proposal to annex territories in the West Bank. with the operation at a later time. 

“I have instructed the army to develop a comprehensive plan to address the situation in the remaining Hamas stronghold. This plan will prioritize the safe evacuation of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the destruction of any remaining Hamas forces,” stated Netanyahu.

“We have made significant progress towards achieving our ultimate victory and we are determined not to back down,” he stated. “In the event of a negotiated agreement, there may be a delay, but it will still come to fruition. If a deal is not reached, we will still proceed with our plan because it is necessary for us to achieve complete victory, which is within our grasp. We will not have to wait months or even weeks to begin our operation.”