Biden makes final effort to influence Virginia's midterm elections as Election Day approaches.

Biden makes final effort to influence Virginia’s midterm elections as Election Day approaches.

On Saturday, President Biden gave his support to several Democratic candidates running for the Virginia Legislature, as the party fights to maintain their narrow majority in the state Senate and gain control of the House of Delegates from the Republicans.

In August, leading Democrats in the state expressed worry about the lack of support from the national party in defending against a well-funded campaign led by Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Mr. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are supporting 23 Democratic candidates who are locked in the closest races in the state. 

He emerged victorious in the governor’s race, defeating former Governor Terry McAuliffe of the Democratic Party.

The state’s view of President Biden is currently negative. According to a poll from Virginia Commonwealth University in August, Virginians prefer Youngkin over Biden for the role of president. 44% of those surveyed said they would choose Youngkin, while only 37% would choose Biden. It should be noted that Youngkin is not actually running for president.

According to the poll, 54% of Virginians have a negative opinion of Mr. Biden’s performance in his role.

The Democratic Party is placing significant emphasis on the topic of…abortion access

To advocate for their cause to the people of Virginia, which energized the public during the 2022 congressional elections.

“According to an email from Mr. Biden, Governor Glenn Youngkin and radical Republicans have expressed their intentions to roll back progress on issues such as reproductive rights.”

Voters are highly concerned about abortion as Virginia remains the only state in the South without recent abortion limitations. in COMPLETED

The decision made in Roe vs. Wade has been overturned.

In June of 2022, there was a significant focus on the issue during the Democratic campaign. The argument was that if Republicans gain a majority of seats in the General Assembly, Youngkin could potentially implement a complete ban.

Youngkin, a candidate who is against allowing access to abortion, has put forth limitations on the procedure after 15 weeks, with exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is at risk. He has been highlighting this stance in his TV commercials, referring to it as a “sensible” and “logical” approach.

Youngkin and his political action committee, Spirit of Virginia, put in a lot of effort and resources to secure Republican dominance in the General Assembly this autumn and generated interest.record fundraising from outside GOP mega-donors. 

The individuals that Mr. Biden and Harris have given their support to are Democrats.

House of Delegates 

  • Del. Michele Maldonado, representing District 20,

  • Joshua Thomas (HD-21)
  • Travis Nembhard (HD-22)
  • Atoosa Reaser (HD-27)
  • Marty Martinez (HD-29)
  • Amy Laufer (HD-55)
  • Representative Rodney Willett (District 58)

  • Joshua Cole (HD-65)
  • Representative Shelly Simonds from the 70th district

  • Stephen Miller-Pitts (HD-75)
  • Kimberly Pope Adams (HD-82)
  • Representative Nadarius Clark of the 84th district (HD-84)

  • Karen Jenkins (HD-89)
  • Phil Hernandez (HD-94)
  • Representative Kelly Fowler of the 96th District (HD-96)

  • Michael Feggans (HD-97)

State Senate 

  • Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg (SD-16)
  • Clint Jenkins (SD-17)
  • Senator Aaron Rouse, representing SD-22

  • has

    Senator Monty Mason (District 24) holds

  • Joel Griffin (SD-27)
  • Representative Danica Roem of SD-30

  • Russet Perry (SD-31)