Biden praises negotiations for potential 6-week pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Biden praises negotiations for potential 6-week pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas.

On Monday, President Biden stated that the United States is currently working towards reaching an agreement between Israel and Hamas in order to temporarily cease the conflict in Gaza for a period of six weeks.

During a speech at the White House with King Abdullah II of Jordan, President Biden stated that the agreement would provide a period of peace in Gaza for six weeks, giving them the opportunity to work towards a more lasting solution.

In the last month, I have held conversations with Prime Minister Netanyahu, as well as the leaders of Egypt and Qatar, in order to advance this plan,” stated Mr. Biden. He also mentioned that the essential components of the deal have been presented. While there are still some differences to be resolved, he has urged Israeli leaders to continue their efforts to reach an agreement. The United States is committed to doing all it can to facilitate its success.

CBS News reported. 

After the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th, King Abdullah has urged for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza. He met with Mr. Biden at the White House and emphasized the need for a long-term peace agreement.

He stated that it is imperative for the war to come to a close and urged for an immediate and heightened provision of humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

They are meeting at the same time as

Israel intensifies its attack in the city of Rafah.

According to Israel, Rafah is a densely populated city located in the southern area of Gaza, near the border with Egypt. They claim that it is the stronghold of Hamas, although it is believed that over a million displaced Palestinians have sought shelter there after escaping conflict in other parts of Gaza.

Mr. Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend, telling him that Israel “should not proceed” with an invasion of Rafah unless it had a “credible” plan for ensuring the safety of the people sheltering there. 

Biden restated this in his speech from the White House.

Mr. Biden stated that numerous individuals in the area have been forced to leave their homes multiple times, escaping the turmoil by heading north, and are currently crammed into Rafah in a precarious position. He emphasized the importance of ensuring their safety and also reiterated his stance against the forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza.

Abdullah expressed his disapproval of Israel’s military action, stating that it will inevitably result in another devastating crisis for the people involved.

Abdullah expressed concern over the potential consequences of an Israeli assault on Rafah, stating that the current situation is already intolerable for more than one million people who have been forced to seek shelter in the city since the beginning of the war. He emphasized that action must be taken to prevent further suffering.