Danish and German authorities have detained individuals suspected of terrorism, including individuals believed to be associated with Hamas.

Danish and German authorities have detained individuals suspected of terrorism, including individuals believed to be associated with Hamas.

On Thursday, Denmark and Germany reported the apprehension of multiple individuals suspected of terrorist activities.alleged Hamas members

Suspected of planning assaults against Jewish individuals and establishments in Europe amidst the ongoing situation.Israel-Hamas war.

The statements were released individually, leaving uncertainty about the connection between the arrests. It is unknown if they were part of a coordinated effort or one operation that covered the entire continent.

The Danish authorities stated that three individuals were apprehended in Denmark and a fourth was taken into custody in the Netherlands for allegedly planning to commit a “terrorist act.”

According to a federal prosecutor, the individuals were only referred to by their first names and the first letter of their last name, in accordance with German privacy regulations.

The four were Abdelhamid Al A., born in Lebanon; Egyptian national Mohamed B.; Dutch national Nazih R. and Ibrahim El-R., born in Lebanon.

According to officials, three individuals have been accused of being longtime members of Hamas and involved in the organization’s activities outside of their home country. The suspects are said to have strong ties to the leadership of Hamas’ military division, which is designated as a terrorist group by the US and EU.

The German Justice Minister, Marco Buschmann, expressed gratitude to the authorities for making arrests and acknowledged that there has been a rise in attacks against Jews and Jewish establishments in Germany over the past few weeks, which he attributed to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The leader of Israel is called the Prime Minister.Benjamin Netanyahu’s office

Praised the apprehension of seven alleged Hamas members in Europe, but credited the Danish authorities for the arrests.

The office of the prime minister announced that Denmark had taken into custody seven individuals working for Hamas and successfully prevented a plot to harm innocent civilians in Europe. The Israeli prime minister’s office also stated that their intelligence agencies will persist in their efforts to counter Hamas and dismantle its abilities.

The differences in opinions among Denmark, Germany, and Israel could not be immediately resolved.

In the beginning of this month, Ylva Johansson, the home affairs commissioner of the European Union, cautioned that Europe was at a high risk of terrorist attacks during the Christmas holidays as a result of the conflict in Gaza.

In its yearly evaluation for 2023, Denmark’s foreign intelligence agency, FE, stated on Thursday that the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas highlights the potential for unresolved conflicts in Europe’s vicinity to quickly escalate and cause significant regional turmoil.

Source: cbsnews.com