David DePape, with tears in his eyes, gives testimony during the trial for the assault of Paul Pelosi. He expressed that he believed Pelosi was deceased.

David DePape, with tears in his eyes, gives testimony during the trial for the assault of Paul Pelosi. He expressed that he believed Pelosi was deceased.

David DePape emotionally recounts his experience in his federal assault trial.

At his federal assault trial, David DePape emotionally shares his testimony at the 02:10 mark.

On Tuesday morning, David DePape gave testimony in his federal case, where he emotionally shared his reasons for attacking Paul Pelosi, the husband of the former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. His actions were influenced by conspiracy theories and conservative media, and the incident took place at their San Francisco home last year.

The 43-year-old DePape described in detail his far-fetched plan to single-handedly “take down” a series of high-profile figures

The media on the right has vilified certain ideas over time. While testifying, DePape became emotional when questioned about his shift from a “left-wing” perspective to a more conservative one.

“Biased against Trump”

“At that moment, I had a negative perception of Trump. However, there is some truth to what he says,” he cried. “If there is information that I am unaware of, I am open to learning it.”


On November 14, 2023, David DePape cried while giving testimony during his trial in federal court for the assault on Paul Pelosi.

Vicki Behringer’s sketch

DePape, who is originally from Canada, stated that during the attack, he was residing in a friend’s garage in Richmond and working as a carpenter. He did not have access to a personal bathroom and had to use public facilities at parks or restaurants. He also mentioned spending a significant amount of time playing video games and consuming political content online.

DePape felt that his actions were necessary to combat government corruption, the loss of liberty in the US, and the exploitation of children by politicians and celebrities.

During his testimony on Monday, Paul Pelosi stated that…

This is the first time the attack has been publicly recounted.

The man abruptly entered the bedroom and asked, “Where is Nancy?” The individual who recalled this incident shared that he replied with the information that his wife was in Washington. As a response, DePape threatened to restrain him until she arrived.

During his testimony, Pelosi stated that he made an effort to stay composed and friendly while also managing to call 911 for assistance. On Tuesday, DePape took the stand and expressed sympathy towards Pelosi after hearing from a neurosurgeon who treated him following the attack. Pelosi had to undergo surgery to repair a fractured skull and injuries to his arm and hands.

DePape testified on Tuesday, stating that they had a positive relationship. They also mentioned giving the person a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder and did not consider restraining them.

DePape bludgeoned Pelosi on the head when officers appeared at the Pelosi front door to find the men grappling over the hammer.

DePape explained that he reacted by hitting Pelosi because his plan had essentially been ruined.

“I believed he was deceased until I became aware of the accusations,” they stated. “He was never my intended focus and I regret that he sustained injury.”

Multiple Targets

According to DePape’s testimony, his goal was to persuade Nancy Pelosi and other individuals to confess to their corrupt actions. He hoped that this would eventually lead to President Joe Biden pardoning all of them. His list of individuals he targeted also included Hunter Biden, Congressman Adam Schiff, former Attorney General Bill Barr, Tom Hanks, Senator Bernie Sanders, and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

He stated while crying, “It is simpler to grant them forgiveness in order for our nation to progress.”

A “sympathy defense” is being used in this case, although it is not considered a valid legal defense. This strategy aims to persuade the jury to acquit or have a hung verdict,” clarified Rory Little, a law professor at UC San Francisco. The defense intends to evoke compassion for the defendant. DePape is portrayed as a sympathetic character, a sorrowful and misguided individual.

Dr. Gayle Rubin, a renowned scholar in feminist theory and queer studies, was also mentioned on DePape’s list. Dr. Rubin is a cultural anthropologist at the University of Michigan and was previously referred to as “Target 1” in legal documents.

In addition to Hunter Biden, DePape prioritized Target 1 and intended to speak with Rubin, who has been targeted by conservative organizations due to her written work that has been misinterpreted and is now being used to vilify the LGBTQ community.

Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley of the U.S. District Court has ordered to keep her name confidential due to threats against her. Despite this, Rubin has been recognized as Target 1 by both prosecution and defense lawyers, as well as in media coverage.

DePape testified that he targeted Rubin because she is an advocate for pedophilia and desires to convert schools into breeding grounds for pedophiles. If it weren’t for her beliefs and actions as a pedo activist, DePape would not have singled her out.

DePape said he looked up Rubin’s home but it appeared on maps to be difficult to gain entry. His hope was to use Pelosi to get to Rubin.

“I assumed that Target 1 would be familiar with Nancy and drawn to her fame,” he stated.

David DePape trial

On November 14, 2023, in San Francisco, Dr. Gayle Rubin (2nd from the top right) gives testimony as Target 1 in the federal trial of David DePape. Sketch by Vicki Behringer

Rubin, using the alias “Target 1,” gave testimony on Tuesday, stating that she strongly opposes any form of child sexual abuse. Additionally, she mentioned that her employer had to implement precautions for her safety after learning that DePape had targeted her as a potential victim.

Little stated that even if they are understanding, they will still have to vote for a conviction if they comply with the law.

The conclusion of the trial will take place on Wednesday when the jury may also announce their decision.

If DePape is found guilty, he could potentially receive a life sentence in prison. He maintains his innocence and has entered a plea of not guilty for the charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, residential burglary, and other felonies in state court. A date for the state trial has yet to be determined.

This report includes contributions from Kenny Choi, Kathleen Seccombe, and The Associated Press.

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