Donald Trump is appearing in court today as his fraud trial in New York comes to a close.

Donald Trump, the previous President, has returned to the courtroom for his New York civil fraud trial on Thursday. His defense team is currently questioning their last expert witness on the stand.

14 years straight

Donald Trump has participated in the trial, which started on October 2, a total of eight times – continuously for 14 years.his Nov. 6 testimony

On that particular day, he had a confrontation with Arthur Engoron, the judge, as he veered off topic during questioning and received reprimands.

10-year scheme to defraud investors.

Donald Trump, along with two of his sons and their company, have been accused of being involved in a decade-long plot to deceive and cheat investors.decade-long fraud scheme
The case involves significant falsifications of Trump’s financial status in order to secure more favorable terms on loans and insurance. All parties involved have denied any wrongdoing. Eric Trump accompanied his father to court on Thursday.

In 2017, it was uncovered that Trump’s three-story apartment was actually only 11,000 square feet, significantly smaller than his previous claim of over 30,000 square feet. As a result, its value was significantly lower.

Kevin Wallace, an attorney representing New York Attorney General Letitia James, stated that Bartov’s views were not applicable to the evidence presented in court. Along with another of James’ lawyers, he criticized Bartov’s competency in providing opinions on banking decisions and credit analysis pertaining to private businesses.

During a break in the morning, Trump paused to examine a sketch created by court artist Jane Rosenberg as he left the courtroom.

According to Rosenberg, he stated “Great.”

Shortly after, he praised the decision made by an appeals court to prolong an October 6th order that put a halt to the dismantling of Trump’s organization during the ongoing trial. This order was a result of a pretrial ruling on September 26th that found Trump and his company guilty of fraud.

“I believe this is a positive development for the country. The Appellate Division made a strong decision by addressing this matter promptly,” stated Trump. “This ruling holds a lot of weight.”

Christopher Kise, the attorney representing him, also praised the ruling in a statement to CBS News.

Kise stated that President Trump is grateful for the court’s decision made today. This ruling will assist in allowing a thorough review of the trial court’s numerous mistakes.

The atmosphere in the courtroom became heated in the early afternoon when Wallace raised concerns about Bartov’s testimony, deeming it as “mere conjecture from a hired individual who will say whatever they desire.”

Bartov’s voice grew louder as he responded, “You should feel ashamed of your actions. Your accusations are completely fabricated. I am here to speak the truth. It is disgraceful how you are addressing me.”

Bartov provided further testimony that supported Trump’s earlier testimony on November 6th in this matter. The statements in question advised banks to use them at their own discretion.

Bartov compared it to the surgeon general’s warning label on a pack of cigarettes.

Later on, he explained that the statements contained a disclaimer, which essentially meant to use your own analysis and make your own estimate.

According to Bartov, I have never seen anything as clear as that. Even my 9-year-old granddaughter would be able to understand that language.

Bartov praised Trump’s financial statements while he sat attentively.

Bartov praised the statement for its thoroughness and transparency, stating that the footnotes contain a vast wealth of information.

During Bartov’s testimony, he heavily criticized the attorney general’s case, deeming it “ridiculous” multiple times.

“It is not feasible to dispute the fact that it is utterly ridiculous to suggest that Deutsche Bank or any other bank or lender would base their lending decisions solely on personal financial statements,” stated the speaker. “It is illogical to make decisions based on only 20% of available information.”

Bartov stated that this should conclude the matter.

The Trump fraud case

During the legal case regarding fraudulent activity, Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, aims to recover $250 million for the state. She also wants to impose penalties on the defendants that would greatly restrict their ability to conduct business in New York.

Trump has expressed anger towards James outside the courtroom, specifically on Thursday when he referred to her as “crazy” and a “lunatic.”

restraining order on Trump

Since the beginning of the trial, he and Engoron have been in conflict. This was sparked by Trump’s social media post targeting the judge’s law clerk. As a result, the judge issued a restraining order against gag order, which Trump raged against and twice violated, incurring $15,000 in fines.

During the trial, three of Trump’s offspring – Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump – provided testimony. While the two sons are facing charges, Ivanka Trump is not. Initially named as a defendant, her case was ultimately dismissed by an appeals court due to the allegations being beyond the statute of limitations.

On Monday, December 11, Donald Trump will be the last witness to testify in his own defense.