Family of 6 found dead by rescuers after landslide in eastern China

Family of 6 found dead by rescuers after landslide in eastern China

A family of six was found dead by rescuers in Fujian province, state media reported Saturday, adding to the extreme weather deaths after downpours caused landslides in the area, even as authorities extended a warning of more severe weather ahead.

The six people, who had previously been reported missing, were found dead in a temple near their home by rescuers after days of searching in Fujian’s Shanghang county, according to the state-backed Hongxing news. They had gone to the temple seeking shelter, as it was on higher ground, but the building was toppled by a landslide, killing the family.

Authorities on Friday had said 47 people were dead in neighboring Guangdong province, which has seen historic flooding caused by the rains. The weather damaged more than a hundred bridges and flooded farmland, and destroyed roads connecting rural townships.

Earlier this year, the death toll from a landslide that struck a remote and mountainous part of southwestern China reached 20, state media said. The pre-dawn landslide buried 18 homes and sparked the evacuation of more than 200 people when it struck in Zhenxiong County in Yunnan province. More than 30 hours since the disaster, 20 people had been confirmed dead, state broadcaster CCTV said.