George Santos anticipates being removed from Congress.

George Santos anticipates being removed from Congress.

Washington — Embattled Rep. George Santos

He stated that he anticipates being removed from Congress soon and will proudly bear the consequences.

“I am aware that I will likely face expulsion once this resolution is brought to a vote,” stated the Republican from New York during an X Space event with conservative commentator Monica Matthews on Friday.

“I have repeatedly performed the calculations,” he chuckled, “and the results are not very promising.”

Earlier this month, a 56-page report was released stating that there was significant proof that Santos had broken federal laws. The report claimed that Santos had channeled large amounts of money through his campaign and business ventures.

to cover his individual costs

This includes expenses for cosmetic treatments like Botox at high-end retailers Hermès and Ferragamo, as well as smaller purchases on the adult content website OnlyFans, meals, parking, travel, and rent.

House Republicans Gather For Their Conference Meeting On Capitol Hill

Congressman George Santos, a Republican from New York, attends the House Republican conference meeting in the lower level of the U.S. Capitol on November 7, 2023.

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Following the publication of the report, Congressman Michael Guest, who serves as the chair of the Ethics Committee, proposed a resolution to remove Santos from office. Guest, a Republican representative from Mississippi, stated that the conclusions were significant enough to justify disciplinary action and that expulsion was the most fitting consequence.

Santos insulted his coworker and challenged them to present their proposal as “privileged,” which would force the House to review it within two days.

Santos stated that he believed his opponent’s intention was to intimidate him into resigning from Congress. He also declared that he had no plans to step down and referred to the report as a biased attack from the political opposition.

He expressed his desire to witness the establishment of this precedent, as it would mark a shift towards a new era of due process. Under this new system, one is assumed guilty until proven innocent and any accusations made against them will be used to tarnish, harm, and ultimately remove them from society. This is the true intention behind their actions.

Santos declined to address the specific allegations in the report, claiming they were “slanderous.” He said defending himself against the allegations could be used against him in the federal case. Santos has pleaded not guilty to 23 federal charges

Santos expressed anger towards his coworkers, alleging that they committed adultery, voted while under the influence, and distributed their voting cards in exchange for someone else’s vote.

“There are numerous felons,” he stated. “There are individuals with various shady pasts. And now, George Santos is being compared to Mary Magdalene in the United States Congress.”

During the lengthy conversation, Representative Robert Garcia, a member of the Democratic party from California, accessed the X Space and questioned Santos about his reasons for not stepping down.

Garcia suggested, “Why not simply do what is right and step down?” He added, “We will be voting to remove you, George.”

Santos stated that he has not been convicted of any wrongdoing.

“George, we are going to remove you,” Garcia reiterated.

Santos replied, “I am not afraid of it, Robert. I accept the contents of the report and its absurd claims as I resign. This is some of the most outrageous content I have ever encountered.”