Haley is met with resistance from South Carolina Republicans as they unite in support of Trump.

Haley is met with resistance from South Carolina Republicans as they unite in support of Trump.

a fourth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, the campaign’s momentum has slowed.

After coming in third in the Iowa caucuses and fourth in the New Hampshire primary, the campaign’s progress has decreased.a loss to

Nikki Haley, former United Nations Ambassador, maintains a lead of more than 10 points over former President Donald Trump in the New Hampshire Republican primary. determined to continue

Her efforts to gain support in her native South Carolina.

Despite serving two terms as governor, Haley only has the support of Rep. Ralph Norman and a few state legislators in the upcoming Feb. 24 Republican primary over Trump. The majority of Republican leaders in the state, such as Gov. Henry McMaster, Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, and five out of six House Republicans, have chosen to endorse Trump. They justify their decision by citing his perceived chances of winning.

According to his campaign, Trump has gained the backing of 66 state legislators in South Carolina. Meanwhile, Haley’s campaign reports that she has the support of 12 state legislators.

social media post endorsing Trump. “To be honest, it’s been a complete s— show since he left the White House.”

On Friday, Daniel Hanlon, the former top aide of Mace,filed paperwork to run against his old boss in June’s congressional primary, a rare move. 

Haley showed her support for Mace in the 2022 primary race, competing against a candidate backed by Trump.

The Haley campaign was dealt a major setback last week with the departure of Scott.endorsed Trump

Despite Haley appointing Scott to the Senate in 2013 as a replacement for retiring Sen. Jim DeMint, he received an endorsement from her.

During his speech to supporters following his victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Trump directed a remark to Scott, who had endorsed him and is the senator of the state from which Trump’s opponent hails. Trump suggested that Scott’s endorsement may be due to a strong dislike for his opponent.

Scott chuckled and responded, “I have a strong affection for you.”

Despite facing these difficulties, the Haley campaign remains determined. They stated their anticipation of a defeat in Iowa and claimed that they were aiming for at least 40% of the votes in New Hampshire. The super PAC, SFA Fund Inc., which supports Haley, believed that the goal in the Granite State was to narrow down the competition.

“Hey, we’ve only had two states cast their votes,” stated Haley on Wednesday. “We still have 48 more that should have the opportunity to vote.”

The campaign responded to the lack of support in her home state by stating that Nikki has always been a conservative candidate who goes against the establishment. As governor, she passed laws supporting the pro-life movement, took action against illegal immigration, boosted South Carolina’s economy, and challenged both political parties on matters of spending and transparency. While Trump is seeking favor from all of Washington, it is evident that he has become a part of the establishment.

Despite Haley’s determination, there are members of the Republican National Committee who are publicly calling for her to drop out of the race.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel stated that, based on their analysis of the numbers and potential outcomes, it was unlikely that Haley would secure a victory.

McDaniel stated that it is crucial for us to come together in support of our upcoming candidate, who will be Donald Trump. We must also ensure that we are able to defeat Joe Biden.

On Thursday, when news broke of the RNC’s draft resolution, which was later pulled, which would declare Trump as the party’s nominee, Haley’s campaign responded by saying, “if Ronna McDaniel wants to be helpful, she can organize a debate in South Carolina, unless she’s also worried that Trump can’t handle being on the stage for 90 minutes with Nikki Haley.”

Kathryn Watson was a contributor to this report.


Source: cbsnews.com