"Hello Vincent": AI resurrects Van Gogh

“Hello Vincent”: AI resurrects Van Gogh

</p> <p>Greetings Vincent! The power of artificial intelligence is bringing the works of Van Gogh to life, as reported by CBS News.

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Despite experiencing severe mental health issues leading up to his death, Van Gogh was highly productive during this time, creating over one painting per day. These final pieces were featured in an exhibition at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris, where correspondent Seth Doane interviewed curators about the artist’s anguished yet inspired last months and the museum’s use of artificial intelligence to gain new insight into Van Gogh. “Hello Vincent” is a digital version of the artist that can engage in conversations and provide answers using artificial intelligence, analyzing all available information on Van Gogh, including his personal letters. Doane poses some important questions to AI Van Gogh regarding his work and legacy.

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Source: cbsnews.com